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August 21st Dinner Post

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  • August 21st Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The humidity has been steadily rising over the last couple days and yesterday it was suffocating at 11 last night. Today will be another HHH day with the high in the upper 80's and the low of 70.

    I will be out and about today and solo tonight so if something does not inspire me I will have some Gouda cheese and a bowl of mixed fruit. I may visit the apple orchard and see what kind of apples have been picked.

    Have you something planned for your dinner or still thinking about it?
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    Good morning, we were up early, Scott had to leave for a early meeting. Beautiful morning here.
    Happy to have leftovers. I might make a ginger salad dressing for our salad. The one he picked up wasnt so good. I like homemade so much better anyways.


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      hot and humid here too!
      the humidity is supposed to drop a bit later so I'm 'hoping' to make mac & cheese....if not, I have no clue at this point
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        Its really warm today, definitely not the kind of weather we like to pack in. We took both our cars to the Subaru dealer and got them fully serviced before our move. Were kind of taking it easy today.

        Im out of inspired ideas today, so were going to Lazy Dog Restaurant for dinner.