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  • How I Humor My Cat

    Actually I have 2 cats, but one of them is more active than the other. Petey, my handsome boy, is the one that requires several times of active play to burn off that energy. And unlike dogs, I find it impossible to walk and romp with a cat. Does anybody relate? Here's what I did:

    I bought a child's (Alvin & the Chipmunks) fishing pole. It came with a small rubbery fish attached to the line. From the living room, I cast the line with the fish down the hallway and reel it in. HAHAHAHA. We play until Petey is panting for breath. It is hilarious.

    The other, Indie, likes string over anything else - however, I have her immediate attention by sliding a yard stick under a throw rug.

    I also have a window-mounted "red dot" thingamajig that both love. I'm trying to think of ways to entertain the cats for another month or so without spending money on more gadgets. As soon as it cools down, they will entertain themselves on the patio most of the time.

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    And here they are!
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      beautiful cats MaryJo

      our DD and her BF have 2 young cats that are home all day. They just purchased a kitty cam, and on it there is a feature which can turn on a light and it flashes all around, the kitties go crazy running around the condo. It is controlled by an app on their phones. It can also dispense treats. haha
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        Beautiful cats. When we had cats back in the day, they would fetch balls! Little soft cat balls, would play just like dogs. LOL


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          My daughter has one cat that will fetch, its weird. Lately my cats are obsessed with stray crickets that get in the house, oh and they love to torture stink bugs, and a stray bee that finds its way in. They love toys stuffed with cat nip. They carry them around the house like dogs, its strange. Also my washing machine has a see through top, they will sit there all day and watch the laundry go around.


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            muzette, my cats LOVE crickets! And moths! A few weeks ago, I saw them hunched over something on the patio. I went to investigate, and it was a lizard tail, twisting around. Y'all know they drop their tail so they can make an escape. It was kind of gross. I had to carry both cats indoors, because (the tabby) discovered the lizard trying to hide under a rail post and wouldn't leave it alone. As exciting and normal for a cat as that may be, it wasn't going to go any further! Later, when I checked, the lizard, sans tail, had found its way out of the patio.
            Mudder, my daughter's cat (now deceased) used to stick her paw up inside the dispenser to dislodge a few pieces at a time. My daughter traveled a lot for her job at the time, and had the automatic timed feeder. She thought it may have been dispensing too much at once, then caught Bella in the act. hahaha. Bella was also toilet trained, except she didn't flush.


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              I'm not a cat lover, MaryJo, but the one on the left is trying to tell us that you keep him in a drawer and he would prefer to have a pillow if it's not too much to ask...

              Our dog, Lucy loves having a moth to play with. She's always disappointed when they stop playing the game... (i.e. dies)
              I really want a smoke detector that shuts off as soon as I shout…“I’M ONLY COOKING!!”


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                I have 12 cats and not by choice. We live in the country and we get a lot of the drop-offs. DH is a sucker for cute kitties. Most of them are getting old and out of the playing stage, so we don't really have to keep them occupied. We only have 2 house cats, the rest are in covered pens in the back yard. We have a lot of coyotes, rattle snakes, and neighbors dogs, so cannot let them just roam free.
                With the 2 newest ones, we give them toys to play with and they play with each other.


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                  God bless you, AllieK. I don't mention it (but it is safe here, right? ) but I put out water and food for a stray. She won't let me near, but I recognize her as one belonging to a friend, who passed away over a year ago. In my area, it is against the guidelines to feel strays or allow animals to roam. So I just keep it quiet. I know others who do the same. And there are those that disapprove and turn us in. My conscience won't allow me to not intervene.

                  Chayote, my dogs used to LOVE playing with cicadas. Then they would eat them. Also, the cat in the drawer is Indie, a female. She likes to be where I am. Both will jump in any box, opened drawer, cupboard if left open etc. They will even sit on the edge of the tub when I'm showering. Once, Indie got IN the tub and I turned around, there she was sitting behind me, safe from the water, The white and black cat is Petey, my handsome little guy. He's a handful! Keeps me amused.