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Day of Remembrance

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  • Day of Remembrance

    Please remember all those that lost their lives and their families.
    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    I always do.


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      My best friend was working at the Pentagon in the E ring (outermost) when the plane hit. I believe it hit between the 4 and 5th corridor and she worked in the 10th corridor. Her cell phone was in her car in the parking lot. You couldn't get to your car so she walked to Crystal City (future home of Amazon here in Virginia) about a mile or mile and a half where her husband worked. He was trying to reach her but of course she didn't have her phone on her. He was relieved when she came walking to his office. A very scary day for all involved. I really brings tears to my eyes after all these years.


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        How could we forget, a day that lives in infamy.


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          I read that nearly 40% of those who died 9/11 have not been identified yet. (USA Today) How awful...


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            So many people basically burned to death. I remember watching people jumping out of the windows. I guess it was either jumping or burning. Just awful, tragic,