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  • CharleneG

    You asked if anyone was watching Greatest Of All Time Jeopardy on another thread. You bet I am. I am just in awe that a human being can retain so much information in so many subjects and buzz in in a Nano-second. How in the world do they do that? All three of them are incredible. This series of games has been quite entertaining. May the best man win $1M - good payday.

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    I love Jeopardy! I’ve been a fan for many years and I’m also in awe of those three men. I have a really good memory for trivia and general knowledge but that speed on the button is mind boggling! I took the online test one time but never heard anything afterwards. It would be my luck I’d get the categories on Shakespeare, math and Vice Presidents! In the meantime I’m going to relish every minute of this tournament!


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      I'm watching, too! Back in the "Art Fleming days", I'd watch Jeopardy with my mother, and was excited to see it start up again in 1984. Thank goodness for the invention of video recorders way back when, and now DVRs to help make sure that I never miss an episode. I don't know who to root for...all three guys are great.