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January 10th Dinner Post

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  • January 10th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Dark, dreary and raining. The high in the middle 30's and the low in the upper 20's.

    I have enough soup leftover that I will use the dinner rolls I baked yesterday and make egg salad on the buns and soup.

    What will be your dinner tonight?
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    Rainy and dismal here too
    Your dinner sounds very comforting livetobake
    I'm making homemade cheese burgers and tossed salad for dinner. I splurged and bought myself a jar of really good bleu cheese salad dressing - I think I'm looking more forward to the salad than the burgers haha
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      It was cold today! We actually had a very small amount of snow in our yard this morning. Just a few spots out in the grass and it melted quickly, but snow nonetheless. Definitely a new experience for us. We went to a small gathering at Farmer’s Cafe to meet up with some of the members of the Twin City Idlers car club and we joined it this afternoon. They were a nice bunch of older folks that love driving their old cars. We’ll fit right in!

      I’m going to make the chicken and stuffing casserole that muzette posted on January 5th for dinner and we’ll have some salad with it.