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January 16th Dinner Post

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  • January 16th Dinner Post

    I am making chicken cordon blue for dinner with roasted sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts. Its been snowing sideways all morning so my thoughts of hitting the grocery store after work are dashed.

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    How is your ear ? Has the meds kicked in ?
    It is a very dreary day here weather wise, damp, misting , and more rain in the forecast.
    I have some marinated chicken breast , I will grill that with some green beans, maybe some cornbread to go with that.


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      Nothing worse than an ear ache.. well a tooth ache isn't to pleasant either....hope you are feeling some what better muzette!
      I chunked up a couple boneless chicken breasts, browned then dumped in a casserole dish with General Tao sauce red pepper and onion tossed in toasted sesame seeds. Used up some veggies - fresh mushrooms, broccoli, mixed frozen vegs and combined that with white rice.
      A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands


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        Today has been a nice day, temperature up to around 40 so the snow is melting on the roofs and streets. Abby went out and frisked around in the snow in the back yard. She really seems to enjoy it. I’m starting on the semi-restricted pre-colonoscopy regimen today. No multivitamins with iron, no seeds, no whole grains, no nuts, no corn. Of course you know those are the things I want most today! Well I’ll just have to suck it up, it’ll be over on Tuesday!

        We’re going to have more of the Shrimp Creole and I’ll make some pasta to go with it. Can’t have the brown rice and quinoa tonight.


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          Originally posted by MudderBear View Post
          Nothing worse than an ear ache
          I had the worst earache I'd ever had in my life many years ago and put up with it, just taking over-the-counter painkillers for relief. Cut to the punchline... it turned out to be a dislocated jaw caused by biting on a hard lolly/candy!

          Our weather has finally cooled down, allowing the firefighters to finish off the fires that are still burning without the high heat to start more.

          Last night for dinner: John had a home cooked hamburger. I had leftover minced beef with vegetables and fried rice.
          I really want a smoke detector that shuts off as soon as I shout…“I’M ONLY COOKING!!”