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January 24th Dinner Post

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  • January 24th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The high will be 38 and the low of 32 with cloudy skies.

    Since mommy mentioned French onion soup my taste buds keep reminding me how good it is. So that is what is for dinner tonight along with either grilled cheese or egg salad sandwiches.

    What will be your dinner this Friday night?
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    Its a nice mild day here, I asked my SIL - who conveniently lives right next door - if she would join me on a walk later on. hubby requested grilled cheese/onion sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner , suits me just fine!
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      Either grilling some steaks or cocktails. So far cocktails are winning.


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        I went out for lunch today, so I’ve had my main meal for the day. Dinner will be on the light side. Probably a bowl of soup with some fried pickles. Living alone you eat odd things.


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          We’ve had a little bit of everything today; rain, wind, and now beautiful bright sunshine. I found my “round tuit”, so I’m getting all the laundry done this afternoon. I actually do have a coaster someone gave me back in the late 70’s that is officially a Round Tuit, love that thing! Ken took the streetrod down to a local performance shop to see about getting a few things done on it that we think it needs. It just needs some fine tuning.

          I’m trying a Cook’s Illustrated recipe for Easier Fried Chicken tonight. I put the chicken in to soak in a seasoned buttermilk marinade yesterday. It gets a quick fry and then finishes in the oven. I dearly love fried chicken and rarely ever have it. We’ll have mashed potatoes, gravy and veggies with it.


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            My Jury Service is over without any excitement... a little disappointed because it's the last time I'll go.

            Dinner last night was curried sausages that were wonderful... I had rice with mine, John had mashed potato
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