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  • Hi Everybody!

    It's been a long time since I've been on, used to be tweezybird but had to re-register because I can't get into that email anymore. Anyway I have a problem and thought you all could help. A month ago I lost several ceilings because I hired the wrong roofer and now my bed, bath and closet have to be rebuilt. What a disaster all our belongings are everywhere in the house and I can barely make toast in this mess. Things are moving slowly and still haven't started demolition. I don't anticipate being able to have an semblance of Thanksgiving and maybe not even Christmas. So it's just me and dear hubby anyway. I'm looking for some easy to make things to at least make us think it's the holidays. A big turkey is out and anything that requires alot of time to make. Hope you all can help.

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    There are some grocery stores that put together holiday meals already cooked. All you have to do is reheat. Don't know if you live in a state that has Wegmans grocery stores and anything they do is top notch. You do have to pre-order. That is an idea if you have a working oven - it's done for you. There are various tiers of sizes to feed X amount of people.


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      Here in San Antonio La Madeleine restaurant puts a small turkey dinner together. I think it's just a turkey breast and a couple of sides and bread. I am thinking about that for us , since I don't think we are going to do our usual big get together ??


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        A simple small table top Christmas tree decorated with small things around the house and turkey sandwiches from a deli topped off with lots of Christmas movies ought to do it.


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          I hope your home insurance covers the damage!! I would just order a holiday meal from Bob Evans. Also Christmas appetizers are fun, we always have hanky panky.


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            Thank you all these are great ideas, yes insurance is covering. Still doesn't take away from the mess and inconveniece. We were ready to sell the house quickly and the roof was the last thing to do. ugh!

            So what is hanky panky?


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              This is Hanky Panky, we cant have Christmas with out it.