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January 27, 2021 dinner post

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  • January 27, 2021 dinner post

    Happy Wednesday!

    We’ve had an “all weather” day today. We had sprinkles this morning, but right now it’s absolutely gorgeous outside. Earlier we had at least a dozen robins, some chickadees, a Stellar Jay and a flicker out in the grass enjoying buffet lunch. I love watching them. All we ever seemed to see in Hawthorne were pigeons and crows. We’ve just been kicking back and relaxing today, even Abby is taking long power naps.

    I’m going to make another batch of the creamy shrimp and tomato pasta I made last month for dinner tonight at Ken’s request, it was really good. We’ll have salad with it. What are you having for dinner tonight?

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    g'day, Charlene... your dinner sounds good. I love shrimp in anything!

    Still having battles with our neighbours. There were four basketballs in our yard this morning... and a dozen or so tennis balls which have to be coming from the same house. I don't throw those back. It's been suggested to me that I advise them that until they move the basketball rings, I will only return the balls once a week and he's not permitted to enter our property. I'm tempted... might make them move it.

    We are having steak tonight... very small pieces with potato salad. I'll add coleslaw and John will add peas.

    Dang it!! John just came inside after a talk with the father from next door. The stupid basketball ring has been concreted into their driveway so it can't be moved. Looks like we will have to go with the once a week option and if he comes over the fence again we will need to take police action to keep him out. I *hate* neighbourhood disputes.
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      We’ve had neighbors like that in the past, so annoying and rude. The family next door has 8 kids and they are so nice, they’re careful with their balls and toys. They will come to the door if one does go over. All the houses on our block have very big backyards so that does help.


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        Charlene - Boy, you don't see families with 8 kids anymore unless it is a blended family. Hope their home has lots of bedrooms. You are lucky that they are a nice family. In our small neighborhood, no fences allowed but then we are all 3 acre lots. Besides the wildlife doesn't like fences - lol.


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          That’s for sure Vera! I can’t even imagine having that many! They are such a nice family, we really like them.