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February 13th Dinner Post

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  • February 13th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be partly sunny today along with a chance of snow and the high of 27 and the low of 14.

    I am using the leftovers from the sheet pan meal last night and morph them into a casserole. I will make "cream of chicken soup" for the moisture needed. I made rice pudding last night with raisins that will pair nicely with the casserole.

    What will be your Saturday night meal?
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    I am making a pot of beef stew for dinner...the guys are going out ice fishing and I'm sure they will appreciate the hearty stew when they come home. I will pick up a baguette, and get some nice big dill pickles to slice up on the side. livetobakes idea of rice pudding sure sounds like it would pair nicely with my dinner as well
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      I have had the grandkids since Wednesday, they go to their other grandmas tomorrow morning for a few days thank goodness. The kids went to Wisconsin for a week not sure why you would want to go somewhere that is colder. Making spaghetti tacos and ding dogs for dinner. One of the TV shows they watch makes spaghetti tacos and I was like hey I can make those for you.


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        It started snowing around midnight last night and it has not stopped all day. I’d say we probably have about a foot so far. It’s very pretty and and I’m really glad we don’t need to go out for anything. We tried to put Abby out a little while ago, she wouldn’t budge off the porch, the snow was too deep for the little princess. She kind of gave us the ol’ “WTH GUYS??”

        I’m going to reheat the last 2 pieces of chicken and stuffing and gravy and have some veggies with it.