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February 16th Dinner Post

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  • February 16th Dinner Post

    Good Cold, Bitter and Harsh Morning!

    It is weather that we usually get in winter here but that does not make it any easier when you feel like even your bones are frozen and will snap at any second. I am just so grateful the heat and electric are still on and hope it stays that way till the start of next week as this Artic Blast continues. The high will be a frigid 19 and the low will be 0. The wind chill makes it deadly and so dangerous.

    Food wise I am making Reuben sandwiches, tomato soup and a fruit salad consisting of blueberries, bananas and strawberries.

    What will be your dinner tonight?
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    We only got about 6 in of snow last night but now the lake effect is going, at least the hard winds are over. Hubs got plenty of use out of the snow blower today, and they say more snow Thursday.

    I am thinking egg roll in a bowl or an old Betty Crocker recipe for Texas hash.


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      The snow is slowly melting, we actually did get out to do some grocery shopping this afternoon. It must have been the same for lots of folks, it was jammed. I did notice a lot of wine being sold today. Not much going on around here today.

      I’m trying to use up things in the fridge and freezer for meals. My freezer in the kitchen is kind of the catch all and I need to get it whittled down so I won’t need to cross my fingers when I close it. Soooo, I’m doing another Apple pork chop bake because I had 2 chops and one Cosmic Crisp Apple to use and I’m baking a package of Beecher’s World’s best macaroni and cheese.


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        BRRRRRY day here too! got a little more snow through the nite. Today is Shrove Tuesday, so we are having pancakes with homemade maple syrup and sausages for dinner.
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