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February 25 Dinner Post

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  • February 25 Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The sky is cloud covered with peeks of sun today and the high of 35 and the low of 22. A big drop from yesterday that got into the 50's and even the wind felt good.

    I am making a salad for dinner full of veggies and a salmon patty. Some garlic bread and beef/barely soup I pulled from the freezer and have in the crock pot.

    What will be your dinner?
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    Chicken fajitas today, maybe some Boursin stuffed mushrooms.


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      It’s been pretty darn cold today, feels good to be in warm clothes and warm house. I had to take Abby down to the vet for some tests to see if she can get her teeth cleaned next week. They really need it badly but if it’s not safe to do it we won’t. I’ll get the results back later today or tomorrow. With COVID restrictions I still have to wait in the car and I had on gloves, warm jacket and had my seat heater on too. My vaccine injection site is red and kind of itchy but I feel fine so far.

      I’m going to make another Maple Cheddar Bacon Dutch Baby for dinner and I’m going to have some hot spiced apple cider with mine.


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        Charlene , sounds like you don't have any bad side effects from the second vaccination, that is good.


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          Fingers crossed, so far so good! It is kind of red and itchy but I feel fine otherwise. Hope everybody else fares as well too!


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            25th is my eldest daughter's birthday... 3 days after her Dad's birthday. Can't believe my first baby is 38 years old!

            Dinner was different tonight: John had steak, chips, onion and eggs; I had chips and mini dim sims. Not the healthiest of meals but acceptable occasionally...
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