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  • Anyone Else Get Disappointed??

    Do you get disappointed when you make a recipe that gets a lot of compliments and when you make it, it was just OK? I made a new recipe today for something that is pretty simple - potato soup. However, the base of the soup was chicken broth with 1 cup whole milk and 1 cup whipping cream. It also had onions, celery and carrots, some seasonings, russet potatoes. I used Imagine Organic chicken broth which is pretty decent and it had some Cajun spices along with salt and pepper. Added shredded cheddar on top, fresh parsley and real bacon from a slab, not a jar. Overall, it didn't knock my socks off - even my husband commented he preferred the milk base potato soup rather than the broth base. Yet, it got rave reviews so I thought I would give it a try. Oh well, we will finish it but I threw the recipe out. Charlene - you always seem to have good luck with your Cook's Country recipes but I'm sure there are some misses as well.

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    I don't cook much and hardly ever try new recipes, but yes, I would be disappointed. Especially if I had bought extra ingredients that I am not going to use again.
    I tried a pasta sausage recipe last year ( recipe out of a magazine ) and it really was good. It has become a standby for us this winter.


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      Vera, I have had a few disappointments with Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country recipes as well as some others too. When I get one that just doesn’t work for us I make sure I mark the magazine and transfer the notes to the hard back annuals I get and I throw out the recipe. Some less than stellar recipes can be fixed with some additions, and I make note of those too. I just hate it when I make something that sounds good on paper but just isn’t good at all. There have been a few that had to be tossed. I’ve been cooking for 60 plus years and usually have pretty good luck finding the good stuff. Now, if you throw some ingredients at me and say create something, well, i’m Going to be scrambling to find a recipe, I’m not good at creating original new recipes.


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        I am not a 'seat of the pants' type of cook. There are some ingredients that I leave out if it is in a recipe and I don't like but nothing that would really change the taste. I am not a fan of olives so that is always left out - both green and black. Sweet potatoes is another ingredient I don't cook with so naturally I would not make a sweet potato casserole. My husband loves sweet potatoes so I will bake one for him while I have a regular baked potato. I do try not to buy special ingredients if it is something I will not use up for the recipe or not use again. I have certainly purchased ingredients like that before but that is the past and not anymore. We all have our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to cooking.

        Charlene - I know you and Ken love olives. When we had a Papa Murphy's Pizza in our area I would always order the thin crust Papa's Favorite but hold the olives - lol.


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          You’re right Vera, we are olive fanatics here. Neither Ken nor I can ever remember a time we didn't love them. I have fond memories of sticking them on all my fingers to eat when I wasn’t tall enough to reach the table. My kids are olive fanatics too, big family dinners always included big bowls of olives.

          I always leave out crushed red red pepper in recipes, just not a fan of that spice at all.


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            I have a sweet potato casserole that I fix for Thanksgiving, kids love it.
            That is the only time I fix anything with sweet potatoes.
            I love olives, my partner doesnt
            No cilantro for us, even so it is a ingredient that you find in a lot of mexican dishes.
            overall I stick pretty much with the tried and true dishes for us.


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              I'm notorious for choosing recipes that I just don't' like. I'm almost scared to try new recipes. I've been particular with food since I've been very small. Texture will make me not like a recipe. I've had the Cook's Country and Cook's Illustrated magazines....I've given them away.


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                We love sweet potatoes and I usually mash them together with regular potatoes just to cut down the cost. Sweet potatoes here are four times the cost of ordinary potatoes. When I follow a recipe I usually leave out the garlic because I don't like it at all. I can tolerate oven-roasted garlic if I have to.

                I'll soon be making a recipe I found on Pinterest for Chow Mein noodles, including the sauce. Before I even start I know I won't be including ginger because I hate it. I'll be disappointed if it's not a good recipe for me, especially because I need to buy so many ingredients. Fortunately Tiff's dogs eat anything edible... *LOL*
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