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March 13th Dinner Post

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  • March 13th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    A bright and sunny sky has greeted the day with a high of 45 and the low of 29. Don't forget that tonight is the lovely time for setting the clocks ahead and telling our sleep pattern that it will be "alright" after about a 2 week adjustment time. Not!!!!!!

    DGS has requested pizza so I will make the crust and he will take it from there. He does a good job and I have noticed he is expanding his testing himself trying new things. He made some biscuits the other day and they came out so good I asked him if the had made some at his girlfriend's and he said no that he did not want a flop there so he tried it first here.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    I have been out enjoying the weather the last few days. We went to Cleveland this morning, had Mongolian BBQ for lunch and went to Chinatown. I like going to the Asian grocer because they have a large assortment of mushrooms for great prices. So now I need to find something to do with Beech, hen of the woods and oyster mushrooms. We even stopped at the Superior deli and picked up corned beef sandwiches for dinner.


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      Our son in law is currently BBQ-ing burgers and I made a potato salad. With these slightly warmer temps, been craving BBQ
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        We had a nice day today with plenty of sunshine. I am going to heat up leftovers for my dinner.


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          Happy Saturday! It’s been a really pretty day today and the temperatures have been very comfortable. I made sure I got down to QFC (grocery store) to hit a sale on Nathan’s hot dogs, $2.99 a package, limit of 5. When I can find them like that I stock up. Ken got the front lawn mowed and we started the clean out of the front yard planter area. We’re stripping it out and we’re going to get a landscaper to redo it to the way we want it.

          We’re going to get takeout from Jimmy’s tonight. Prawn Alfredo for Ken, lasagna for me. We’ll also get their dinner salads and garlic bread.


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            I arrived home from Queensland last night after thoroughly enjoying the company of 4 month old Hannah and 4 year old Andrew. I miss them already. The first few days was purely holiday time and the last days I had the children to myself while their parents attended a conference. Andrew helped me with Hannah by singing her her and showing her pictures on his tablet.

            Speaking of pizza, Andrew and I made pizza for the whole family during our time together... he mixed the crust, I spread it out on the trays and while I cut the vegetables, he smothered the bases with the tomato and cheese. He loves cooking. The villa where we were staying had a fully equipped kitchen, surprisingly equipped with all Miele appliances.

            It's good to be back to Melbourne's weather after being in the Queensland rain forest. I could not live in Queensland's hot and humid climate.
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