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March 27th Dinner Post

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  • March 27th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    A partly sunny sky with the high of 68 and the low of 52 is in the forecast for today.

    Thank goodness the wind has died down. When I was out yesterday the wind was blowing so hard that driving was not my idea of fun. Walking was not a stroll in the park either. If I did not have appointments I would have stayed in but cancelling means a long wait for another one and sometimes that is just not an option. I was grateful I had electricity when I got home as I saw downed lines.

    On the bright side of yesterday I had three different men at three different locations step up and were kind and helpful. When I thanked the one man his comment was so true. He told me I was welcome and then said "Being kind and helpful and having a good attitude is a choice that everyone can make. It did not take me five seconds for reaching up and getting that off the shelf for you when it was clear you could not reach it. Anyone can make that choice and volunteer their time if they choose." In this day and age with all the violence, negativity and complaining it was nice meeting him yesterday and he added into my having a nice day.

    I will be solo again tonight so I will figure out what I am having when I get hungry I guess. I do not do the best when I am cooking just for myself. Maybe a tuna fish sandwich along with applesauce.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    Our dinner was cooked overnight in the slow cooker and it was so good. Curried sausages and I tipped all the open packets of frozen vegetables into it. I had mine over fried rice that I had in the freezer. John had mashed potato. I think it was the best curried sausages I've ever made.

    Immy and Tiff called in after dinner and they hadn't yet eaten so they enjoyed the curried sausages as well.

    I finished knitting another baby jacket tonight. I'm trying to use up the stash of knitting/crocheting yarn and turn it all into some income. Also knitting for Hannah.
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      Kind of a yucky day here, a day to be inside. I made a new recipe for a banana cake, currently cooling and can't wait to try it after dinner.
      Dinner is salisbury steaks with mushrooms, onions and gravy, french fries and peas.
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        It’s cool and cloudy today with comfortable temperatures again. Ken had an eye doctor appointment in Smokey Point this afternoon, he had his eyes dilated so I had to drive home. He got a referral to see a cataract surgeon, we’re hoping he’ll finally be able to get it done. Specialists in CA kept telling him he wasn’t ready yet. We’re thinking of getting him a white cane and hook up Abby like a seeing eye dog to accompany him to the appointment. Now is he ready???? He has an appointment Monday to get some new glasses, one of his lenses has delaminated badly from when he tripped and fell in the garage a couple of months ago.

        We’re going to finish up the smoked pulled pork with BBQ sauce and have more of the Beecher’s macaroni and cheese and a small Romaine salad for dinner.