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March 29th Dinner Post

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  • March 29th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be a sunny 52 for a high and 42 for the low. Some of my spring flowers are in bloom and look so beautiful swaying in the sun and breeze this morning.

    Hot turkey sandwiches with gravy, corn and chocolate chip cookies DGS and I baked last night.

    What will be your dinner?
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    Good morning! Woke up to snow this morning...not much, it will melt off soon, but temps are going to be very cold for the next week or so...will have to keep feeding the beast in the basement awhile longer!
    DD has asked to come for dinner tonite, will make one of her favourite meals which will be, breaded pork tenderloin, rice, and a veg medley or cauliflower/broccoli/carrots, rice and a caesar salad
    A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands


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      I was out looking for heavy cream and most stores were sold out. I did manage to find 3 family packs of fresh chicken wings that were mis priced so I bout them all. I haven't decided if I am going to fry them or grill them yet.


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        It has been an absolutely beautiful day today! It was so bright and sunny and you could see for miles. Such a nice difference from yesterday. It was a busy day today, we went down to the opticians office at Everett Clinic to get Ken’s new glasses ordered, then we went to Lowe’s and ordered a riding mower that should be delivered Thursday. Our yard just wears Ken out and takes more about 2 days to get it done. We figured what it would cost to have someone cut the lawns regularly for us would pay for the riding mower in a short time. I’m even going to learn how to do it.

        We stopped at Five Guys after we left Lowe’s and got cheeseburgers and fries, they were so good! We get the Little Cheeseburgers, they’re just the perfect size, we really don’t like the 1/2 pound+ sized burgers most places have here.


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          Missed posting last night. I was absorbed in a TV show and watched intently to the end. Part two is on tonight. It was about an incident that happened in 1979 when a fire tore through the Ghost Train setup at Luna Park in Sydney, killing 6 children and an adult. It was deemed an accidental electrical fire but ABC has investigated and it's apparent that it's been a coverup. I was rivetted watching witness after witness each telling the same story about what happened and it's all pointing to arson with a good description of the murderer. It will be interesting to see what happens to his case after this report. I did think at the time that it was odd that a determination was reached too quickly along with clearing the site, therefore destroying all evidence.

          Dinner was simple and enjoyable. We had meat pies and freshly baked bread.
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