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April 13th Dinner Post

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  • April 13th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a beautiful sunny morning with the birds singing their beautiful melody. The high will be 65 and the low of 40.

    I am taking leftover chicken and morphing it into BBQ beef sandwiches, Cole slaw and deviled eggs.

    What will be your dinner tonight?
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    My Mum had a favourite saying whenever we were preparing a lot of food, usually for a family gathering. She would say, "what? are you feeding the 5,000?" and I could hear her voice today in my mind as I made two bain marie trays of beef lasanga. I made it because I had a lot of cheese to use up. I'll freeze some of it for my own use... John doesn't eat pasta or cheese... and give three serves to Tiff for her family. I made my own bechamel sauce in the Thermomix. So easy and each batch was ready in 7 minutes. I had one serve for my dinner tonight and it was wonderful. Just wish I could share some with Gordon because it was his favourite meal.

    I also cooked a small leg of pork in the BBQ for John so he was happy with his dinner.

    I'm determined to use up most of the food in this house before we leave it. I have too many Betty Crocker cake mixes so we'll be taking Marie Antoinette's advice to "let them eat cake!"
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      I am making a Tuscan pot roast, mainly because I had a packet of Tuscan seasoning sitting in the cupboard forever. Put in tons of veg and some white beans. On the plus side the historical mansion is getting listed Thursday. I love the kitchen there so much!
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        Does the house have a garage ? I like the kitchen floor , it is hardwood floor or a laminate floorboard.?


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          It has a 3 car garage and an attached rental unit. The kitchen floors are laminate but the rest of the floors in the house are hardwood. If it wasnt 3 floors of stairs I would probably like there.


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            OK, so the garage is in the back of the house. I have hardwood floor in my kitchen and at first I was not sure I would like it. But I love it , now that we have lived 20 years here. LOL
            We have a 2 story house, but the master bedroom / bathroom is downstairs plus a powder room. We hardly ever go upstairs.


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              I really like the exterior colors of the historical mansion.


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                Hello there midwestguy! How is everything with you these days?

                Dinner is a small roast beef, mashed potatoes and carrots.
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                  Today was one of those truly spectacular days in the Pacific Northwest, blue skies, sunshine, temperatures in the mid 60’s, and absolutely stunning views of the Cascades and the Olympics. We were out most of the day, we went to Harbor Freight, did a huge Walmart shopping trip, and we went and picked up Ken’s new glasses. We found out that he can get a prescription change for free within 60 days of picking them up. He’ll be able to get his new prescription in that time frame with no problem.

                  We’re going to finish up the Polish beef patties and sauerkraut salad tonight.