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April 14th Dinner Post

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  • April 14th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The sun is shinning and the trees are getting leaves that are opening up and my lilac bushes are forming buds for flowers. The high will be 60 and the low of 40.

    I am solo for dinner and have enough BBQ chicken left that I will put that over a baked potato and have a dish of fruit.

    What will be dinner for you this evening?
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    Chilly day but that's the weather in which I thrive. A lot of our day was spent on the phone with our house plans and also to track down some formula for Hannah. The one she needs is made in Europe and we all know how bad COVID is over there. I've managed to get three tins online tonight and as we are going out tomorrow, we'll keep an eye out for pharmacies with free parking right out the front.

    Dinner tonight was steak, chips... John had eggs, peas and onions; I had avocado and onion.

    Ordering some moving boxes from eBay tomorrow and as soon as they arrive I'm going to start packing treasured and fragile items to take to our daughter's house to store until we move. No point making the drive to Adelaide with an empty car.

    Tomorrow, as well as baby formula, we are shopping for curtains for the loungeroom. I have fabric that I bought a long time ago to make drapes for those windows but never got around to making them. Now I realise that I have nowhere to cut out full length drapes and the days where I could crawl around on the floor to do a job like that have long ago left me. Spotlight stores have a sale on and I can buy ready-to-hang curtains on both windows for under $200. Bargain.

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      Hubbie requested cheese burgers which I am not in the mood for at all. I can toss some on the Foreman grill for him though. I had a bag of those cheapie frozen chicken breasts thast I bought when the pandemic started last year lol. I figured it was time to cook them down. Since they are not the best I have them cooking with tons of dried peppers and will make some kind of Mexican thing with them, so I guess that is what I will have. Although bbq chicken over a potato does sound kind of good today.


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        Ended up being a sunny afternoon, but still chilly...I got a fire going later on so it will be cozy in the evening.
        Our son stopped by after work today - a driveway visit. Only a few more weeks til baby due date!
        I made a pot of pasta sauce with onions/red peppers/zucchini/mushrooms.
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          It’s another beautiful day here, temperatures are in the mid to high 60’s. I’ve mostly been paying bills and doing some house stuff, Ken has been in the garage getting the new radiator installed in the streetrod. Not much else going on today.

          I was going to cook tonight but Ken suggested pizza instead, so we’re getting Papa Murphy’s for dinner. Works for me!