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May 2nd Dinner Post

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  • May 2nd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Wow, with the high of 81 and the low of 61 it will be a warm day that crosses off the last few days of rain and cold. I think it is time my windchimes come out and enjoy some nice weather.

    I made potato salad this morning, deviled eggs, a big bowl of fruit and will only need making grilled chicken.

    What is your plan for your Sunday dinner?

    Good grief!!! It would have helped if I had hit the post button a couple of hours ago!
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    We actually left the house today and it was warm and sunny outside. We drove across to the other side of Melbourne to pick up a wooden TV stand that I bought on eBay. Such an easy drive using the highways. On the way home I realised we were very close to the home of a very dear friend who I hadn't seen since before COVID so I called her and she was happy to have us visit. It was lovely to catch up.

    The only other thing I've done today was to continue with the packing

    Immy and Tiff came over for dinner and because we had been out all day we bought fish and chips. It was good... even Immy ate a good meal.

    Home help comes tomorrow. I'm not sure that she will be able to vacuum this week... I have boxes, bubble wrap, butchers paper and rolls of tape spread all over the familyroom. I laughingly told my daughter that I could pack up this house in about three weeks. I was wrong...
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      It is so nice to catch up with friends after that horrible year ( 2020 ) we had, with everybody in pretty much isolation.
      We had a rainy Friday and Saturday, but this morning the sun is out and temp will go up to 90 degrees this afternoon. I don't think I will hang up any windchimes, don't want to drive my neighbors crazy. Not everybody likes windchimes, especially those big noisy ones.
      And I actually know what dinner will be and it is not even lunch time yet. Chicken parmesan , garlic bread and tomato / cucumber and red onion salad.


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        Having leftover what ever is in the fridge today. I need to clean it out at some point this week.


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          It’s a beautiful day today, clear, pleasantly warm and just perfect. Ken is busy baling up cardboard for the recycle barrel pickup tomorrow. We’ve been getting deliveries of car parts and they make a big pile of cardboard. I’ve had another nagging headache today, just kind of taking it easy. I get a cluster of headaches about every 3-4 months and they last for a few days. It’s annoying but way better than when I was in my 30’s thru 40’s.

          Ken requested a shrimp and pasta dish for dinner so I’m making one of our easy favorites tonight, creamy tomato and shrimp angel hair pasta. We’ll have some salad with it.


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            Originally posted by CharleneG View Post
            It’s a beautiful day today, clear, pleasantly warm and just perfect. Ken is busy baling up cardboard for the recycle barrel pickup tomorrow.
            Sorry about your headaches, Charlene... hope you get rid of them one day. You'd think in this day and age we would have better pain control. Apparently cannabis is an excellent painkiller but it's frowned upon. I would take medical cannabis in the blink of an eye if I could. It doesn't have the recreational highs like what some people grow in their tomato patch...

            I want to ask you about your recycling system. I'm interested in the strangest subjects. You said you have a "recycle barrel" and I'm imagining a container like what is used for beer fermentation. We have a plastic upright bin with a flip up lid and two wheels at the bottom. They are easy to get to the kerb regardless of how heavy the load. What is your barrel like?

            Since COVID we have had so much cardboard to recycle and now that we are moving, I'm buying cardboard cartons to pack out stuff. Removal companies will only take proper moving cartons.
            Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit.

            Napoleon Hill


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              Our recycle bins are big rolling trash cans with a flip open lid, capacity is 96 gallons. Waste Management has gotten very restrictive about what can go in it in the last year or so. Plastic bottles, glass bottles must be thoroughly washed and dry and no lids can go in. We have had so much cardboard since Ken has been ordering engine parts like radiator, air conditioning parts, etc. so we put what we can in the cart and bale up and pile the rest. We get recycling pick up every other week, it alternates with the green waste pickup. Grass, weeds, twigs and branches, even food waste can go in that one. I don’t put food scraps in that barrel, I don’t want the stink and bugs hanging around for 2 weeks...yuck!