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  • CharleneG

    Are Fleece sheets different than Flannel? What I don't like about some manufacturers now is that they now put elastic on all four sides instead of just two. Makes it much harder to fold and put away for the next season. Plus they makes sheets "one size fits all" regarding depth of mattresses. I like a nice tight sheet but seems that is impossible now. Our guest room has a four poster bed and there is a decorative rail that runs between the two end posts a little above the current mattress. I can't have one of those extra thick mattresses or it would be very difficult to make the bed due to a mattress hitting that rail.

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    I have sheet issues too. My bed needs deep pocket sheets and I find them harder to find right now. My guest room bed works fine with normal sheets but I would need a step stool to get on the bed. At 5'3" I just couldn't get up on the bed.


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      The fleece sheets are about 1/4” thick and have the Sherpa fleece on one side, kind of a cushy soft texture. They are quite a bit thicker than flannel fabric. The fitted sheet does have elastic on all sides and is fitted for our Cal King bed. We have a newer model Sleep Number bed, second one we’ve had. I wouldn’t say they had a super tight fit but it was fine for us. They are absolutely heavenly to sleep on during our very cold winter and early Spring nights. I was telling my oldest son about them recently, they moved out of the city to a mountain community with an elevation of about 3000 feet. He was saying how he was so cold during the winter, so I ordered two sets of Sherpa fleece sheets for them. He should get them next week.


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        Thanks for the explanation Charlene - I appreciate it. I will look up Sherpa sheets but also look to see if they have that elastic on all four sides - much prefer two sides.