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May 18th Dinner Post

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  • May 18th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    I had all the flowers, plants and seeds planted by 8 last night and when I went out on the back porch it put a smile on my face while I was watering everything this morning. Either I am getting older or I buy more each year. I am sure it is because I buy more and age is not the factor.

    The weather is lovely again this morning with the high of 80 and the low of 59. There is a slight chance of rain but at the moment the sky is cloudless.

    I have some errands today and a dentist appointment early this afternoon so will get some soft food for myself just in case and DGS can fly on his own.

    What will you be preparing for your dinner?

    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    Dinner may be a hotdog for me this evening. Not exactly gourmet but I have a package of them and right now it doesn’t sound too bad.


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      I made honey soy chicken, blistered sugar peas and jasmine rice. I might go get a fruit cup from the mexican ice cream place.

      We usually hire a cleaning lady to do our houses before pictures but we are listing a tiny house this week, its like 980 sq ft. I told hubs I could do it to save the money. It took 6 hours and I feel like I could still do more. I have mad respect for cleaning ladies because every inch of my body hurts. I am anal about keeping a clean house and its easy to clean my own because I can do 30 min here 30 min there. Hubs told me today that picture day for the house is tomorrow so I didnt have time to work at my own pace. Aleve is my best friend for the next few days I see.


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        Originally posted by MommaBear View Post
        Dinner may be a hotdog for me this evening. Not exactly gourmet but I have a package of them and right now it doesn’t sound too bad.
        We love a good hot dog! To be honest, we’ve probably eaten more Nathan’s hot dogs for breakfasts than at any other time of day. If I ask Ken if he’d like “the breakfast of champions” he knows I mean hot dogs.

        It’s been cool, kind of cloudy and wet today.
        Another morning up at the crack of dawn and another trip to Everett where it was raining hard for the day after eye surgery follow up. Ken’s doing great, he’s still shocked that he can see so clearly without glasses for distance. He will need glasses for close up and we’ll get those in a month or so. We went out for breakfast here in Stanwood afterwards and came home and took naps. We were both wiped out.

        We’re going to have the rest of our takeout from Jimmy’s and a salad for our dinner. Tiger prawn Alfredo for Ken, lasagna for me. They make the best lasagna I have ever tasted in my life, truly outstanding.