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  • Sabine

    Are you floating away yet? I am tired of rain...and mosquitoes!!

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    No, we are not floating away, lots of rain for sure. Had another storm come through last evening, thankfully no hail. Mosquitoes, yes, I am sure we have plenty. I don't sit outside because I attract mosquitoes and I will have bites all over my arms and legs. Spray does not help me at all. So staying in the house is the best I can do. No clue how much rain we have had, our gauge broke and we haven't replaced it yet.
    My daughter and son in law live on their ranch now, about 90 miles southwest of SA, and they have had close to 10 " of rain over the last week or so. Which is good for them, they have a cattle ranch and they need the rain to fill the stock tanks and make the grass grow for the animals. Right now it is about 70 degrees and it is dry , sky is light and maybe no more rain for now. But more rain for the weekend in the forecast. I don't mind the rain as long as I don't have to go out and drive on the express way.


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      I have no idea how much rain we've gotten either. I think the 2 days before last night's rain was over 13 inches. Got up this morning to both ends of my county road under water. Thankfully, we live on a small hill and didn't get high water here. The lull between the downpours are giving the water time to drain off, so I'm very thankful for that.


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        Yes, the state highway that runs by my daughters ranch was also closed because of high water. The highway crosses the river , which was flooded , over the banks , so the highway dept. put barriers up . Which caused a lot of people to come up the ranch and asked how to get through to the other side ?? Hello, you are going to have to wait until the water level goes down. More rain in the forecast for this weekend. But of course when we go into June, July and August we are going to be dry, at least that's how it usually is , it's nothing new , it's the same cycle every year, has nothing to do with climate change .