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May 24th Dinner Post

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  • May 24th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be a little cooler today with the high of 79 and the low of 65. Tomorrow will be a different story.

    Late last evening I put chicken in the crockpot and have a house that smells good this morning. DGS said the chicken smells so good he almost ate some for his breakfast. I will use some for BBQ chicken sandwiches for tonight, some for macaroni salad, and the rest I will use the broth and make gravy for the rest and put peas and carrots in over biscuits. I will freeze the broth and part of the chicken today and have it later in the week as cooler weather is expected. I love planned overs especially this time of year with fresh fruit and veggies that add such flavor with anything you are making.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    The day started off being hectic and continued until late afternoon. My Home Help arrived early which was better because I had a medical appointment to go to. Then the airconditioning service men arrived to replace the compressor. I went for my doctor's appointment and learned that I have a torn ligament in my knee... hereinafter called my "football injury" to make it sound like I'm super fit and active... *LOL* My doctor said that it's a very common footballers' injury so I'm in good company. Doc gave me some painkillers that are working quite well.

    Dinner tonight was soup and freshly baked bread. I love nights like that... comfort food rocks! I had chicken and corn soup; John had pumpkin. I also cooked a sausage hotpot that we will have tomorrow.

    We can sleep in tomorrow as we have no appointments. We'll pack a few boxes during the day and I might get some things listed on eBay.
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      I am up and have the coffee made and if I didn't have someone coming this morning I most definitely would crawl back in the bed. I need to clean my kitchen and unload the dishwasher. I have a church luncheon to go to tomorrow and I will need to get out for a trip to Kroger for a package of cream cheese. Our luncheon is finger food and my Sausage ball recipe calls for cream cheese and grated cheddar.


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        It’s been very cool and kind of rainy today. Not a whole lot happening today, did a quick bank and grocery run and decided to tackle the huge moving box full of photo storage boxes. There are literally hundreds of scenery shots, some old and faded and unless there’s a specific landmark I have no idea where they were. So, a lot of them are going to the trash. We haven’t looked at them in years so I’m pretty sure we won’t miss them. This is going to take awhile, that box is a wardrobe box.

        I’m trying a recipe from Cook’s Country for pork Florentine. It’s roasted pork tenderloin with creamed spinach and we’ll either have some brown rice or spaetzel with it.


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          Charlene - Have you ever made your own spätzle? My German relatives gave me a spätzle maker but I have never attempted to make them. It really doesn't look difficult but I still haven't done it.


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            No I haven’t Vera. I probably should but it’s so darn convenient to buy the packaged ones