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May 26th Dinner Post

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  • May 26th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Wow, the humidity is so high. I was out on the porch putting together a bench and breathing was rough. It is done and looks so nice. The weather should cool down as the day progresses and rain hopefully moves in. The high of 80 and the low of 55 with rain later.

    Dinner is clean out the fridge night and that works for both of us.

    What will be your dinner tonight?
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    I have 1lb of ground beef to use up. I think I might make patty melts but I am still hoping for some inspiration as I flip through my old cookbooks. I did make a batch of pasta salad. I keep thinking about going to the grocery store because I am bored and my chores are done and I have nothing to do, but I also have so much stuff in my freezer that I should use up before I buy more stuff.


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      I am clueless about what to prepare for dinner. Possibly shrimp and grits.


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        It’s been cool and cloudy today but quite comfortable. We went up to Mount Vernon this morning to go to Harbor Freight and Joanne’s and then toured a few backroads we hadn’t been on yet. When we got home I finished up the photo sorting and packing project, got them boxed up and ready to ship. The trash bag was huge! We haven’t looked at all this random scenery shots in years and I’m sure they won’t be missed. We definitely freed up some storage space in the shed when we got rid of that huge box. Next project is CD’s and DVD’s for the neighborhood garage sale at the end of June.

        We’re getting a Papa Murphy’s pizza tonight. My brain drew a complete blank on dinner ideas so pizza it is.


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          I had battered prawns cooked in the airfryer for dinner. John had toast with sliced roast pork.

          We are in stage 4 lockdown yet again... this time for 7 days. I'm still allowed to have the CT scan and xray of my knee tomorrow. Supermarkets are being stripped of toilet paper, etc. which makes no sense at all. All borders are shut to Victorians... again. It has to happen but I wish it wasn't.
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