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June 3rd Dinner Post

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  • June 3rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is overcast at the moment with more rain predicted today with the high of 74 and the low of 60. High winds are predicted today also that I hope do not do tree damage or power outages.

    I have pulled some precooked hamburger from the freezer and will make Spanish rice with it, apple sauce, a salad and tapioca pudding will be dinner.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    I have leftover chili but don’t feel well so dinner will likely be toast.


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      It’s quite a bit cooler today, definitely appreciated! One of the things that’s been going on since Ken had his cataract surgeries is he still needs his glasses for close up, so he carries them around, sometimes forgetting what he’s done with them. Well, he took off yesterday afternoon to pick up the radiator and he’d evidently left them in the cushioned case on the hood of the car and didn’t notice they’d fallen off. Imagine my surprise when I got on the Cedarhome Ridge Facebook page and saw his glasses, case and all! Our neighbor across the street posted them and Ken went and got them. We were very grateful to him for doing that, we’d never have known what happened to them. Once Ken gets his final post-op on the 22nd he’ll go back to the optometrist and have new lenses made for close up and maybe clear glass on the top half of the bifocals so he can leave them on. He’s worn glasses since he was 7 or 8 so he really doesn’t look like himself without them and doesn’t know how to deal with taking them off and on to do things, he just wore them all the time. I’m sure glad the neighbor found them, they were really nice Oakley frames.

      I’m making a ground turkey, spaghetti sauce and cheesy gnocchi casserole tonight. Trying to use up some of the odds and ends in the pantry and freezer. We’ll have a salad with it.


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        I put the rest of the smoked pork in the crock pot with bbq. Layered it on sourdough with mashed potatoes (instant because I am lazy), cheese, and Frenches fried onion. Zapped it in the air fryer for 5 min and called it dinner.


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          Charlene - That is what I did with my R/X glasses. The bottom part of the lens is for reading the dashboard in the car but the top half doesn't have an R/X so distance is fine. These are my good glasses and I keep them in my purse. I have about eight pair of drugstore readers placed all over the house so I can read what is in front of me. However, I don't like wearing glasses so that is why I have so many pairs. If Ken wears his glasses all the time, then it makes sense to do what you mentioned. You might want to have a couple of drug store readers in the house too - you never know. Glad his surgery went well. Thank goodness for your neighbor. Those glasses could have hung on a little while longer and been in another neighborhood. I don't do Facebook but glad that it worked out in this case.


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            Charlene,, I am glad the glasses were found. It is so frustrating looking for glasses.
            Vera.... I am like you , I have several cheap readers from the drugstore all over the house. I had my cataract surgery 3 years ago and I don't need glasses for distance. But I do need glasses for close up reading like newspaper or paperback books. So I buy cheap readers and keep them in my kitchen, bedroom, Livingroom, purse, so I always have a pair handy.