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Dinner Post for June 12th

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  • Dinner Post for June 12th

    Good Morning!

    It looks like rain at the moment so I was out harvesting lettuce and noticed that the humidity feels lower. That could change as there is a chance of rain predicted with the high of 83 and the low of 66.

    DGS has been invited out tonight so I am having something just not sure what at this point for dinner.

    What will you be having?
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    Another day at home and doing very little. I've been looking for a knitting pattern and can't find it. I want to make a few jumpers/sweaters for Immy before her birthday. Can't believe she's turning 6.

    Dinner tonight was roast pork that John cooked on the BBQ. We heated some bake-at-home bread rolls and just sliced the pork on top. It was nice. John is also learning the load and unload the dishwasher. I'm thrilled beyond words!
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      My son called me this morning. It is always great to hear from him. He got a new truck yesterday and sent me photos. I need to get out a bit later to get some things done but need more coffee to get me moving.

      I have absolutely no idea what to prepare for dinner. I need to go through the recipes and find a likely meal plan.


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        It’s been a beautiful day today, but weather reports are saying there will be a lot of rain later this weekend. I spent a couple of hours sorting through my cedar chest and separating out all my kid’s baby shoes, report cards, school pictures etc. to send with all the pictures I have boxed up for them. I found some things in there I’d completely forgotten about too.

        I think we’re going to a new to us place for dinner tonight, Nutty’s Junk Yard Grill in Arlington. It looks like a fun place with good burgers and sandwiches. It could change, Ken seemed to have forgotten that we were talking about going there. We shall see!