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June 14th Dinner Post

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  • June 14th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is dark with rain predicted along with a strong wind. The high will be 77 and the low of 60.

    I will take the chicken leftover from yesterday and morph it into a pot pie along with a fruit salad for dinner.

    What will you be having this Monday night?
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    Another day of not doing anything constructive except for knitting Immy's cardi. It's looking good.

    Dinner tonight was different: John had sliced roast pork with mashed potatoes; I had some battered prawns from the freezer. I'm about to have supper so I can take my evening pills... think I'll have some weetbix with butter and vegemite with a glass of orange juice.

    I'm hoping that we'll soon be allowed to go for a drive. I've been stuck inside for almost three weeks now and a drive to the beach is just what I need.
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      Making instant pot spaghetti tonight. I got all my errands done bright and early, but not by choice. I ran out of cat food and my fat cat was complaining about it.


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        Mixed bag weather day here, changed clothes about 4 different times lol
        I made some banana muffins this morning, I hardly bake anymore but hubby is taking lunches to work now so I thought I'd better 'beef up' his lunch bag and toss in something home made.
        Dinner is pork chops with mushroom soup, mashed potatoes and asparagus.

        waiting to hear when we can get our 2nd covid vaccinations...apparently getting pushed up...if not we have to wait til August 31!
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          I went for a medical appointment today and from there met girlfriends at a tearoom to play Bunco. I am happy to be home with my dog now. Dinner will be chicken salad and later I will fix popcorn in the microwave. Frankie likes me to share some of the popcorn with him. Frankie is my dog.
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            " Frankie likes me to share some of the popcorn with him. Frankie is my dog."

            is it safe for dogs to eat popcorn ?


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              Abby loves popcorn but she only gets a few pieces when we have it.

              It’s been mostly cool and cloudy today with a little bit of rain earlier this morning. I can’t say I’ve accomplished anything today, but that’s OK too.

              I’m making Ken’s favorite shrimp and pasta dish tonight. We must like it, I’ve made it a few times in the last few months and I never do that! We’ll have some fruit with it.