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June 17th Dinner Post

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  • June 17th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is another beautiful day with a cloudless sky. The high will be 82 and the low of 65.

    DGS said baked potatoes with chili, sour cream and cheese sounded good. Strawberries over some ice cream with be dessert.

    What will you be having?
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    We managed to do some housework today for a change. Immy came over after school and helped. All our laundry is done, folded and put away for the first time in about 3 months...

    I cooked a piece of corned silverside tonight and it turned out really nice. John had some on toast for his dinner; I had chicken and corn soup and a rare beef sandwich. We'll most likely just have banana and icecream for dessert.

    Don't know if this news has reached your shores but Australia is going through a terrible mouse plague. Farmers are being eaten out of any feed stock they have. It's all to do with the weather. I heard something moving in our ceiling last night so when my BIL visitors tomorrow I'll ask him to throw some rodent blocks up through the manhole. We have one of those plug in rodent things and we haven't had any pests (except human ones ) for several years. Hopefully it will be quieter tonight so I can get some sleep.
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      I pulled an old dresser out of a house we bought and painted it today. I forgot how much work it was, but I did enjoy it. I had also planned on cleaning the carpets today but now I am pooped so that is getting put off until tomorrow. Making chicken fajitas tonight I think, otherwise it could be Asian chicken.


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        I went to a luncheon today and need to run an errand later today so I think dinner will likely be something very lite.


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          It’s another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest it’s clear, breezy and about 73 today. I made a quick bank and grocery run while Ken got the backyard mowed. I’m almost done with the book I’m reading, Nothing Ventured by Jeffrey Archer. I should finish it later this evening.

          I’m trying out a new to me recipe for pineapple and maple syrup glazed chicken and we’ll have a mix of brown rice and quinoa and some mixed vegetables with it. I’ll post the recipe in Tried and True if it turns out as good as I think it will.


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            That pineapple syrup glaze sounds like it would be even better with a kick of hot sauce!


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              Originally posted by muzette7 View Post
              That pineapple syrup glaze sounds like it would be even better with a kick of hot sauce!
              It might, but I don’t think Ken would like it. I go very light on hot spicy stuff.