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June 24th Dinner Post

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  • June 24th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is overcast at the moment with the high a toasty 85 and the low of 68.

    I am making toasted meatloaf and grilled cheese sandwiches, raw veggies and dip along with watermelon for tonight's dinner.

    What will you be having?
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    I have mushrooms and shallots and plan to make Salisbury Steak and salad for dinner.


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      Making Stove Top stuffing meatloaf, corn on the cob, and slow cooker baked potatoes. I got a watermelon for the kids also. I wonder if they will like it with Tajin.


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        It. Is. Getting. Hot!! Possible record breaking heat coming into the area this weekend. No bueno for sure! The hottest day ever recorded up here was 103 in Seattle on 7-29-2009...and we just happened to have been up here on vacation that week. It was horrible. Fortunately our house has A/C and we’ll surely be using it. Ken had an optometry appointment today to get his glasses changed to his corrected vision, and we went to Safeway in Smokey Point and did some shopping and I’m going to be making some hot weather foods.

        I’m going to take some pork tenderloin and flatten it, bread it and quick fry it and we’ll have some Velveeta Shells and Cheese with it. It’s way too warm to bake a package of Beecher’s tonight.


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          Hi Charlene - I did find one store in our area that had Beechers-The World's Best Mac and Cheese. I bought the frozen carton, baked it and it is very good mac and cheese. I am having about 16 people invited to my house for a 'Welcome our New Neighbors' on July 24th. This was going to be one of the side dishes but it is really too expensive ($12) for a small tray. I will get Costco's mac and cheese for the same price but at least twice as much mac and cheese. I will splurge again another time for just my husband and me. Thank you for introducing me to Beechers.


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            You’re welcome! Our Costco up here has huge boxes of Beecher’s and I think it was $13.98. I bought one but it was just too big for the 2 of us. Our Velveeta Shells and Cheese did taste good tonight!


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              Charlene - When you say Costco has huge boxes of Beecher's, I thought it only came frozen. Didn't realize they had a boxed version but I'm sure that isn't available on the East Coast. At least the Costco mac and cheese is already made up and just needs to bake in the oven. I will be way too busy with other dishes so having one already put together for me is a big help. My husband walks through the kitchen - he doesn't cook or grill. He said we have an understanding - he will stay out of my kitchen and I will stay out of his garage - lol.


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                Oops, I should have put “frozen” in there! They’re large, family sized packages of frozen Mac and cheese. I do like the Costco version too, but once again, they’re so big, more than the two of us can handle.