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June 26th Dinner Post

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  • June 26th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be a HHH day with the high of 88 and the low of 74 along with a slight chance of rain.

    Hamburgers, salad and watermelon will be dinner.

    What will you be having?
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    We visited Gordon today... he's really settling into his new surroundings. He was delighted to see us.

    For dinner we had fried chicken, mashed potato and pineapple fritters. Didn't cook it... we bought it from Red Rooster on the way home.
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      I am so ready for the kids to go home!!!! We had chicken nuggets and mac and cheese from a box, and a whole lot of attitude from a 9 yr old. I am exhausted.


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        Muzette - 9 year olds like to be kept busy. Is there a swimming pool around? Kids can spend hours doing that. Good luck. I too have a 9 year old (almost ten grandson). He is the easiest kid around so I guess I am lucky. The other two brothers are also no problem - 6 and 4. We don't have a pool but there is a trampoline park not too far away.

        Having chicken tenders, salad and potatoes au gratin. Bought a bag of delicious cherries at the store today. Can't keep the fingers out of the bag - with a coupon they were only $1.88 a pound, normally $4.99 a pound. I have seen them as high as $7.00 a pound - yikes. I could eat a pound myself they are so sweet.


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          The kids aren't bad but I normally take them for 2 nights and we are on the 4th night now. The 9 yr old had leukemia and he is one year cancer free. The problem is he was always so spoiled because he was ill that he is still adjusting to not being waited on hand and foot. They were at their other grandmas for 2 days before they came here and she is an air head and let's them run her around. They go home tomorrow night though woo hoo!


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            OMG, it is freakin’ HOT today! Right now it’s about 96 and tomorrow will be hotter. We did our bit in the neighborhood garage sale this morning, we had everything marked FREE and in less than 2 hours it was all gone. I had 2 big boxes of CD’s, probably a couple hundred, and one shopper took them all. I had a box of about 100 DVD’s and they went all at once too. Ken got rid of a ton of fishing gear, one person took all that too. We just wanted it gone. One funny thing happened, we finally found the long lost Kuhn-Rikon can opener that has been MIA since we packed up to move! After we closed up everything we came back in the house and both of us took a nap. We’re just about ready to turn on the AC for the rest of the evening.

            We had planned on getting some takeout for dinner but neither of us wanted to go pick it up in this heat, so we’re having chicken salad sandwiches and tortilla chips with microwave melted cheese on them and ice cream Drumsticks for dessert.