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June 27th Dinner Post

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  • June 27th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a very warm and muggy start of the day with HHH weather continuing with the high a very toasty 90 for the high and a very muggy and a extra warm 74 for the low. A very good day for staying in AC if you are fortunate and have it. I so feel for those that do not as fans just don't cut it in the humidity department along with the heat.

    I am morphing leftover chicken into BBQ chicken sandwiches, Cole slaw, and cantaloupe for dinner.

    What will be your dinner this evening?

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    Immy had an early birthday party tonight and and we went. We had BBQ chicken, potatoes, beans and ice cream cake. We haven't given her our gift as yet because her actual birthday is Tuesday. I can't believe she's 6 already.
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      What a cute little girl
      Happy birthday Immy


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        Yes, indeed - a real cutie. She sure has changed since the last picture. She looks adventuresome!!


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          Happy Birthday to Immy! Such a cutie

          It is very hot and humid here as well. I guess someone was not paying much attention to the weather...all I did know was that it was to rain for like 10 days straight...not figuring on a lot of humidity, I went and bought a roast beef for our dinner tonite. House will be extra warm lol!
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            I won a pellet grill in a raffle yesterday so I thought I would break it in today. I have a prime rib on there for dinner and will have some cherry wine to go with it. I took the kids for tacos this morning, they thought it was great so that's a plus. I can't imagine having a child in my 40's, they are exhausting.


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              Awww, Immy is so cute! She’s really grown!

              It’s just plain miserable here today! We’re right at 100 here today and it’s just brutal. We left our AC on all night and we’ve turned it back on already this afternoon, we’re so grateful this house came with it! We haven’t done much of anything today and that’s just fine, no point in making ourselves sick in the heat. It’s going to be even hotter tomorrow...ugh. I will have to go to the grocery store early tomorrow morning as we’re almost out of bread.

              I’m making pressure cooker chicken osso buco for dinner tonight. The pressure cooker won’t heat up the house. We’ll have some Idahoan instant roasted garlic mashed potatoes with it.