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July 9th Dinner Post

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  • July 9th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is dark with more rain on the way. We had 3 thunderstorms along with strong winds that has left everything drenched and water still standing from yesterday so at least I am not watering anything and that is good.

    The high today will be 74 and the low of 56 which is a welcome relief.

    I made some egg salad this morning and put some chicken noodle soup in the crockpot from the freezer for dinner. A fruit salad will finish the meal.

    What will you be having?
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    Our dinner tonight was a slow-cooked sausage curry and it turned out just the way we like it. John cooked mashed potato to make it a perfect meal.

    My sister and brother-in-law are coming over tomorrow. My BIL is hoping to repair the dividing fence between us and our neighbours. It’s broken where the almost-18yo boy has been climbing the fence to recover his basketballs from our yard. Yes, his father should repair it but he believes his son’s story that it wasn’t him. I wish it was legal to install an electric fence between us. That’s what we used to do to keep horses inside the fenced paddock… they would only ever touch it once to learn that the fence ‘bites’. My BIL is also going to do a few more little jobs at our house before we move. He's such a helpful man and always has been. He vowed to care for our family after my Dad died and he was true to his word.

    I wasn’t able to do much today so John and I sat with our new house plan deciding where furniture is going to be located and which of us was going to get the master bedroom. That decision is still in the negotiation stage… *LOL* I also did quite a lot of Immy’s second cardi. Hoping to finish it next week.
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      I have a meatloaf in the oven for sandwiches later. Did a bunch of errands this morning and I feel like a nap. I will be having cocktails tonight lol.


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        I ran errands today too, unfortunately I don't have a clue what to fix for dinner. At the rate I'm going today their is a good chance I will just fix breakfast this evening. Meatloaf sounds wonderful..


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          It’s been a very pleasant day today, comfortable and breezy. Our lawns really took a beating in that heatwave, all of them in the neighborhood are brown and sad looking. The only thing that keeps growing are the dandelions. We had haircut appointments today, first time since last year we didn’t have to wear a mask! Yay!

          I’m making our old favorite baked fish with tomatoes and olives and we’re having a packet of brown rice and quinoa with it