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July 18th Dinner Post

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  • July 18th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Wait, what do I see? Could it be? Yes, yes it is. The yellow glow is the sun shinning and no rain falling! Houston, we have a breakthrough! The high of 84 and the low of 65 with low humidity. What a perfect day.

    I have enough fresh pineapple and juice left that I think will make some delicious sweet and sour pork on Jasmine rice along with a salad and plum tart.

    What will you be having?
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    We had a second meal of the chicken schnitzel tonight. I had my chicken with avocado and John made a sandwich with his. We are both tired from sorting out crates of stuff from the green shed. I haven't thrown a lot away yet because there's not as much stuff in that shed as I thought there would be. Tiff wants a few of the toys that I'd kept from when our children was young. I did find a crate full of teddy bears and dolls and will decide what to keep.

    Immy now knows that we are moving next year. At first she was sad but cheered up when she found out that they could come and visit. She's excited that many of the toys and books that we have in the nursery will be going home with her before we leave.
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      I have burnt ends in the smoker right now. Baked beans and corn bread. We are going for a drive later today and I feel a mangonada in my future.


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        It’s been warmer today, mid to high 70’s. We did some Lowe’s shopping for hose timers for the yard so that we’ll remember to get water to the lawns. They’re so brown after the heat wave a couple weeks ago. Not much else going on.

        We’re having more of the creamed chipped corned beef on biscuits for dinner, it was so good!


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          I grilled a steak tonight and oddly ate it with potato salad.