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July 25th Dinner Post

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  • July 25th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will another HHH day today with the High of 86 and the low of 70. First storm yesterday it got more humid, second one brought in lovely coolness with lower humidity and third one I gave up and decided it was time for bed. Yup, brought it all back into the realm of HHH. No rain predicted today.

    I have some swiss steak in the crockpot and will make open faced sandwiches with gravy, green beans from the garden and watermelon.

    What will be your dinner?
    Heritic, rebel, a thing to flount,
    He drew a circle that shut me out.
    But love and I had the wit to win,
    We drew a circle that took him in.

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    A normal day trying to pack away all the boxes, etc. I'm tired and looking forward to sitting in a tidy familyroom to just enjoy life.

    John cooked roast pork (again) with mashed potato and peas. He enjoyed it. I had a bowl of chicken and corn soup with two small tortillas.

    Two more days of shut down with fingers crossed that it's not extended again. Two protest gatherings were held in Sydney and Melbourne yesterday which will probably spread the Delta variant even further. Of course they were not wearing masks and insisted that COVID is only the flu. The Premier called them all wankers and they should do as they are told... *LOL* I love our Premier!

    Another cold day expected tomorrow... top temperature of 48f. If it hails again the temperature will quickly drop like it did today.

    Effort only fully releases its rewards after a person refuses to quit.

    Napoleon Hill


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      I put a brisket on the smoker at 5 am this morning so that will be dinner. I got some tacos and man did they make the sauce extra spicy this week! I have been having a dry skin flare up from the Sjorgens and my heels keep cracking open, so I got these rubber lined socks to keep goo on my feet. Then I walk funny because my feet hurt which makes my hips hurt. This getting old stuff is garbage. I even have dry skin patches around my eyes which lotion aggravates so I have to smear bag balm on my face. It actually works better than all the fancy face creams I have because my skin sure is soft minus the dry spots.


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        Muzette - In the winter when my heels get dry and sometimes crack, I smear with Vaseline. It really helps me and softens the skin.

        Well, I had my neighborhood party last night. We had drinks and snacks at the gazebo. Came to the back porch for dinner as it is too far to carry all the food down to the gazebo. I made way to much food so I just finished package a lot of containers to take to the neighbors as some food can't be frozen. I am exhausted as I have been on my feet for the last three days. I am glad it is over with but it was also a lot of fun. I had 16 people here. I made a signature cocktail, besides beer, wine, soda, flavored drinks, that everyone raved about and it was my first time making it and tasting it. It was Moscato, frozen mixed fruit and a dash of lime juice. Very refreshing on a not day.


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          I went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant for lunch so dinner will be sushi this evening unless I change my mind and just have a yogurt.


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            It’s been a very pretty day today, warm and breezy. I did a quickie grocery and prescription run earlier and Ken’s been working in the garage. He’s got the air conditioning in the streetrod almost done now. Next he’ll be working on the power windows.

            I’m making Reuben sandwiches on the panini grill and using some Cook’s Illustrated bits and pieces of a recipe on them and I made some pasta salad to go with the sandwiches.