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July 30th Dinner Post

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  • July 30th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It was an interesting day weather wise with so much rain, tornado warning, very strong wind and flood from 5-6 inches of rain in about 30-45 minutes. I was out running a couple of errands, clear sky when I left and 20 minutes later my phone went off with the tornado warning saying that you should head for a basement now and if outside seek shelter to avoid flying objects. The wind was so strong I thought I would be airborne and the rain was beyond torrential. I could not see more then inches so I pulled into a driveway and felt my car swaying and bouncing so hard that all I could do was pray for the best outcome. After about 20-25 minutes it stacked off enough that I felt I could head for home as I could see clear sky in that direction. Luckily it did not move over where I live, just some mild rain. I don't know if a tornado ever touched down or not but sure hope not.

    DGS said he will make dinner but did not tell me what it will be. I know it will be good so will wait and see.

    What will be your dinner?
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    It was so windy today... I'm sure there would be trees down around town but we didn't go out to see. We had all four bins out for collection last night and by the time we got up today, the bins were over on their sides and quite a distance from where we left them. Not easy to wheel bins back to where they are kept while still using a walker. John thought he would be smart and put the smaller garbage bin inside the large recycle bin but it wasn't easy to separate them... *LOL* Serves him right... he should have just made two trips. I managed one of the garbage bins. We had a lot to get rid of because of cleaning out the green shed.

    Dinner tonight: John had a burger. I cooked the meat, bacon, onion and egg while he assembled the bread roll, lettuce and tomato. I told him we had become a burger assembly line. I was cooking bolognaise sauce in the slow cooker so decided to cook some pasta and have that for dinner.

    The wind is still blowing hard and it's cold. I'm ready for Winter to go away now and let me plant some vegetables in the garden.
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      I bought ribs today but don’t think I will cook them today. I have ingredients for a Caesar Salad and I think that is what I will do this evening.


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        It’s pretty darn hot today, we’re taking it kind of easy. We were going to go to Outback tonight for my birthday but we decided we’d do it tomorrow night instead as its supposed to be cooler. We’ll see. We might just get some takeout tonight.


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          Happy Birthday, Charlene!! It's good you don't have to cook today and a bonus that you're going out tomorrow - double gift!! Enjoy it.


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            Vera beat me to it, Happy Birthday Charlene, I hope you had a good day and enjoy your dinner out tomorrow.


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              Thank you! We had takeout from Jimmy’s tonight. Their lasagna is the best I’ve ever had anywhere, and enough for another night too.