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August 2nd Dinner Post

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  • August 2nd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a beautiful morning with the high of 74 and the low of 55. After another day yesterday of torrential rain twice it is nice seeing a cloudless sky.

    DGS is taking the last of the bacon, wrapping it around chicken tenders and grilling them along with some corn and pineapple slices.

    What will be your dinner?
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    I started a pot of pinto beans, also having jerk chicken, maybe some cornbread.


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      Another day of watching the Olympic Games. The Equestrian events were amazing today. Andrew Hoy competed in his 8th Olympics and even at 62 years old, he is perfection on the back of a horse. Although he was born in Australia, he hasn't lived here for over 20 years but he still competes under the Australian banner. Sad that the Aussies missed out on a medal in Soccer and Team USA was a shock defeat as well... they went down to Canada.

      Dinner! John had a burger; I had a small bowl of spaghetti followed by a green salad of avocado, celery, cos lettuce, very expensive cucumber and red onion for some colour. I enjoyed the salad more than the spaghetti.

      We might go out for a short time tomorrow... first time leaving the house for three weeks. We are almost out of butter and we like the one sold at Aldi. We are back to wearing masks inside and outside except in our home. I need to buy some more.

      I spent the day removing my pin collection from the pin boards. I've decided to buy a better quality pin board for the new house. It will have polycarbonate doors covering the board with a 2cm space for some things that are not flat. I have about 300 pins, all of which needed to be pulled out of the old boards so now I have no fingernails left. I'm hoping that John will take down my licence plate collection from the fernery. I'll wash them all in the laundry tub and pack them into a box. They will be displayed in the new garage.

      This is the pin board I intend to buy:
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        We had a bulletin board like that in the school office where I was working.


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          Once again Charlene - You provided a very easy meal recipe and it was very tasty. I made the cubed steak recipe but I already had mashed potatoes so I skipped the rice. The dried onion soup, water and mushroom soup with the tender meat made for a delicious gravy. I will certainly keep this one as a no brainer. On top of that, when I was at the grocery store, there was only one package of cubed steak left in the case and it was the last 'sell by date". That is when the store marks down their meat half price. Since it was family size, there were 8 nice sized pieces of the cubed steak. I froze half and made four pieces but kept the onion soup, water and can of mushroom soup the same. I had plenty of gravy and we have two meals out of the four pieces plus what is in the freezer. Love that you are willing to share some delicious recipes.


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            I had leftover meatloaf for lunch and this evening I ate a yogurt. Too lazy to cook or get out even.


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              Vera, we really liked that one too! I like getting “cheffy” but there are times that a “no brainer” is just perfect.

              It’s been relatively clear and warm, I think we are getting some of the wildfire smoke from British Columbia today. It’s been quiet, not much happening around home. I have things I need to do but absolutely no desire whatsoever to do it. I have a book sitting next to me that is just screaming at me to pick it up and keep reading. I must obey! LOL.

              We’re having leftovers from Jimmy’s tonight. Tiger prawn Alfredo for Ken, lasagna for me, green salad and garlic bread.