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August 3rd Dinner Post

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  • August 3rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is another sunny morning with no rain predicted for today. The high of 78 and the low of 59.

    Mac and cheese and meatloaf will be dinner along with green beans from the garden and watermelon.

    What will be your dinner?

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    Another quiet day at home. Right now I was watching beach volleyball between Australia and Canada. Australia just won their way into the grand final tomorrow. It was a close and exciting game.

    Dinner tonight: John had steak, mashed potato, peas, onion and an egg. He enjoyed it very much. I made a chicken salad for myself and I enjoyed that more than if I'd had steak.

    Making a smoothie for my supper... OJ, banana, pineapple and passionfruit. My favourite
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      I have a hair appointment today so its cr9ckpot chicken teriyaki. I made some honey fermented garlic a few weeks ago and I added some in there. Let me tell you the smell of garlic almost knocked me out when I opened the jar ot was so strong.

      Making a kale salad to go with. Cooks Illustrated said to chop your kale and let ot soak in semi hot water for 10 min and it really makes it taste so much better.


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        I have spent much of my day on the phone calling my bunco group to see how many will play next week. I am headed to the kitchen to fix a Caesar salad for my dinner and try to organize a few things in my kitchen.


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          It’s a bit warm and kind of hazy today, probably some smoke. Not a lot happening here today, I’ve been reading my book that’s hard to put down.

          We’re having a package of Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken and some baked brown rice and watermelon for dinner. We really liked the orange chicken a lot the last time we had it. I baked the rice earlier so I wouldn’t be heating up the kitchen so much. Our warmest time of day right now is between about 5 and 7 pm.