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August 5th Dinner Post

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  • August 5th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is a lovely sunny morning with beautiful puffy clouds in the sky. Today will be the last comfortable day as tomorrow the humidity returns and will linger for the coming week along with higher temperatures. The high of 81 and the low of 62 for today.

    I am morphing last night's dinner into tonight's meal with the sauce and meatballs being put over pasta and the raw vegetables snuggling in some lettuce for a salad along with some garlic toast.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    We got to see Immy today for the first time in a couple of weeks! We were all happy to see each other. Tiff had done some shopping for us from Aldi and they brought it down for us. That's the good news... the bad news is that our lockdown has been extended for another week... I'm not complaining because I know it's protecting us from the virus but it's getting more difficult to cope with. With all these lockdowns, I'm starting to think I will never get my knee fixed.

    Dinner tonight was roast pork (again!), mashed potato and peas for John; I had one slice of pork which I ate about half with mashed potato and alfalfa sprouts.

    I need to unpack one of my boxes of fabric. Fortunately I wrote on the boxes a good description of the contents. I need some ribbing to make Immy's school pants longer. Her body is a size 4 but for length she's a size 7. Once I get set up with my sewing room I'll make her pants for the rest of her primary schooling. In the meantime I told Tiff to buy them to fit and we can add a 4" ankle band around the bottom.
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      I went to the salvage store in Orwell today, its an almost 40 min drive, plus who knows if things are going to close again so I really stocked up. Then I had to stop at the regular store to stock up on flour and yeast. It is saying my pizza oven will be here at some point tomorrow so woo hoo! Just making sandwiches tonight because it will probably take me 3 days to put all these groceries away. They had boxes of oat milk and almond milk that are shelf stable for 25 cents, so I got a ton of that kind of stuff. Carnation has small carton of individual shelf stable milk if you are wondering do not ever buy that brand. Something in it settles and in a cold garage it turns chunky, gag.


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        sweet mater saltine cracker salad made a great lunch yesterday - just checking in to see what others are having for Suppertime.


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          It’s been kind of a warm day today. I did a bunch of house stuff today, now I’m taking it easy. Ken’s been working in the garage most of the day.

          I bought some Aidell’s bacon and pineapple chicken sausage and I’m either going to make a fried rice type of thing or some mac and cheese and mix it in. Haven’t actually decided which direction to go yet.


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            I didn't feel like cooking and wound up eating yogurt.