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August 10th Dinner Post

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  • August 10th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The HHH weather continues along with the addition of thunderstorms that woke me early this morning. They will continue throughout the day with strong winds, hail and heavy rain with flood warnings in effect. The high will be 91 and the low of 74. This pattern will continue for the next 3 days.

    I have pasta salad already made along with tuna salad and egg salad, sliced vegetables, sliced up watermelon and a sliced cantaloupe. This girl is not cooking for the next 3 days and will have plenty for DGS when and what he wants. I have started some dough for rolls and bread so the house will smell good shortly.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    Well I planned on making pizzas today but with this rain that is a no go. I have chicken sausages in the fridge but I am not really feeling it. I am thinking the new Swensons drive in, but that could change.


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      COVID is really invading our town... Another supermarket, our Bunnings hardware store and another couple of cafes are deep cleaning and anyone who went into those places have to immediately enter two weeks of quarantine in their homes. Tiff brought over a packet of John's medication that needed to be ordered when he put the prescriptions in. So sad that all she could do was open the door, put the packet on the plant stand next to the door and call out goodbye. Just when we were becoming friends again, we can't have her in the house despite the fact that she is fully immunised. Such a lonely time but we are better off than people who live alone. I talked to Immy on the phone for a while. She runs out of conversation quickly but it was fun for a short while.

      Our groceries were delivered to our front doorstep tonight so we have food. I bought a few packets of bread rolls because I can't buy bread flour so for dinner, John had three sausages, a pile of cooked onion and two fresh rolls. I had a fresh roll with ham, avocado, tomato, onion and peashoots. I still need to pack up the majority of the rolls for the freezer. I also cooked a meal in the slow cooker... rissoles, vegetables and onions. It's for John and he'll have one meal of it tomorrow night and the other two will go in the freezer.

      Just started a baby blanket for Andrew's school teacher. She is due to have her baby in (I think) three weeks.
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        Let's hope that the people , who were in all those places, will actually stay in quarantine in their homes. 2 weeks is a long time, and again who knows , who controls that, honor system doesn't always work, people go out anyway and that's how covid spreads.


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          The heat is coming in for sure, it’s supposed to be really bad by the weekend. We did a Walmart and Lowe’s run today, we were going to do Costco too but it was too warm and we were tired. I think I’ll do Costco tomorrow morning. I did get some really cheap white twin size sheets at Walmart, we’re going to drape our wooden bears on the porch in them for Halloween. I’m going to paint some ghost faces on them and hang our little lighted pumpkin between them. Should be cute.

          I had planned on Costco rotisserie chicken for tonight but that’s not happening. We decided to have the rest of the enchilada stuffed shells tonight with some fruit. They were so darn good, Ken actually suggested having them again.