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August 11th Dinner Post

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  • August 11th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is cloudy and hazy with another HHH day with the high in the low 90's and the low a muggy 70. A chance of rain is predicted.

    I am making tuna melts for DGS and I and he is also having pasta salad. I will nibble on some raw veggies and both will have some fruit.

    What will be your dinner?
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    Our town has been on the news... not for a good reason. Another 22 contacted points for COVID have now been declared. Three of them were service stations and John filled up three days ago but fortunately not from one of the servos on the list. Some of our favourite stores are on the list... the bakery and butchers are two of them. Scary time.

    Dinner tonight was: John had the rissole slow-cooked meal I made yesterday; I had some cold chicken wings and a bowl of salad. I'll probably make a hot chocolate shake for my supper... it helps me to sleep.

    Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly warmer so we are going to get some fresh air for the first time in weeks. I want to throw open the windows and air the house out.

    Anyone that follows Johns Hopkins Coronavirus website, it's been upgraded and improved. Much easier to get information now.
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      I made some cheerio bars because I had marshmallows and cereal to use up.I am also making a spicy meatloaf and roasted brussel sprouts for dinner.


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        The heat is starting to come in, it’s supposed to be pretty miserable all weekend. I did do my Costco run earlier and also went to a restaurant supply store in Burlington that sells food products. I had researched online and they were the only place that carries the huge boxes of Sweet & Low that I used to get at Sam’s Club or Costco Business Center. They had boxes off 2000 packets, so big score for me! I also bought a box of frozen calamari steaks, can’t wait to fix those! As I was coming home traffic was diverted a few blocks from us as there were 2 houses on fire a few blocks east of us. The houses were on 68th Ave, we’re on 73rd Ave. Looks like total losses. We’re going up to Bellingham tomorrow.

        We’re having shrimp cocktail ring and green salad for dinner.


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          Charlene - 2000 packets of Sweet and Low??? That is a lifetime supply. I used to use Sweet and Low or Equal in my morning coffee but if I use (and I do) the refrigerated flavored coffee creamers, I find I don't need to add any additional sugar. What do you use all those packets in?


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            Vera, we go through a lot of Sweet & Low! I use one packet per cup of coffee, but Ken uses at least 3 per cup. I ordered 3 1500 packet boxes in late 2019 and they’re almost gone. This box will last several months. I just hate buying those small boxes that end up costing more.