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August 13th Dinner Post

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  • August 13th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Severe storms are again predicted for today with high winds, hail and flooding. It is still very humid even with the high today of a lower 83 and the low of 65 as a cool front moves in tonight.

    DGS is going out tonight and I will eat leftovers from the fridge and finish up the fruit.

    What will you be having?
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    Another day of lockdown. I did go outside for a while in the early afternoon. I needed to water the garden which is sadly becoming neglected. We haven't been able to hire a gardener for months now. While the weather is warmer (top of 63f for the next two days), I'll try to do at least 30 minutes of yard work. Two years ago I planted three daphne bushes because they were my Mum's favourite flowers. The bushes are enormous now and for the first time they are fully in bloom but we are not allowed to drive to the cemetery to take them. I don't think we will still be here next season.

    I've been working on the baby blanket for Andrew's teacher and also sorting through my daughter's Yowie collection. She wants to give them to Andrew. We must have spent a small fortune buying them in the late 80s. There's about 200 of them! $200 was a lot of money back then.

    John cooked a shoulder of pork for dinner. We just had it sliced hot on bread rolls. I'm now going to make myself a smoothie and head off to bed.
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      It is hot and smoky today, just kind of awful. The AC is going to get turned on very soon. We’ve stayed inside all day, it’s just not wise to try to do things outside with the heat and smoke. I paid some bills online, chopped up some cucumbers and they’re salted and draining for a cool salad and I stripped down the rotisserie chicken. Abby was very much underfoot when I was doing that! That dog loves chicken.

      I’ve got a couple of packages of a chicken and Asian noodle stir fry combo I need to use up and I saved the chicken thighs to heat up and have with it. We’ll have some of the cucumber salad on the side.