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August 15th Dinner Post

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  • August 15th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is so cool this morning with no humidity that I sat outside for quite awhile just enjoying it and hearing the birds chirping as they were also enjoying the morning. Last night it was a beautiful sunset with the sky the most beautiful pink glow against the blue sky that was breathtaking. Today will be the last day without a chance of rain with the high of 78 and the low of 60.

    I have seared a pork loin and have it in the crockpot along with potatoes, carrots and onions.

    What will be your Sunday dinner?
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    I have the lasagna in the oven so that is pretty exciting. I put together an outdoor kitchen cart and was cussing up a storm. The instructions were awful and I have a bunch of leftover parts, so I am not sure wheat went wrong there. It seems sturdy enough so I am not going to worry that much. I should have bought one from Ikea because the instructions they have are pretty idiot proof. Nothing else on the agenda for today.

    On a side note I had to stop at the grocery store yesterday to pick up like 2 stinking things. I rarely go on weekends because I figure thats for people who work everyday. OMG it was so crowded and only about half of people were wearing masks. I think if I need an emergency anything on the weekend I will learn to go without.


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      I've been busy with new house stuff... time to select colours, etc. for our new home. Not sure when it will be started but getting to the selection stage has to be a positive thing.

      I've spent most of the day working between the kitchen and my computer making the house selections. I cooked a large batch of curried sausages with vegetables to share with Tiff's family and us. Also baked two loaves of bread.

      Our dinner: John had roast pork (again) with mashed potato and peas; I had a bowl of chicken and corn soup. I'm thinking that next time I have this soup, I'll add a serve of 2-minute noodles to make it more filling.

      Lockdown is supposed to end next Thursday but I'd be willing to bet our house on the lockdown being extended even more. This is our 6th lockdown since COVID began and each of them have felt like a year. I put my normal grocery order in for Tuesday but something is going on. All the bookings were taken for Tuesday so I selected Wednesday, only to find there were only 6 bookings left. I hope there's not another panic buying session going on. When I put my order in, a few items weren't available: bread flour, Pepsi cans, some of the meat (mostly red meat) to name a few.
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        I have been buying a little extra every time I go grocery shopping. I have enough dried beans to last me months I think, but I have also been working them into at least one weekly meal because they are good for you. I always buy the commercial box of toilet paper, its like 150 rolls, not the best but it gets the job done so no complaints here. I did stock up on 25 lbs of flour last week so I have enough staples to last. I should be ordering a half a cow in the next 2 weeks or so. I still have like 50 lbs of marrow bones to use up, and for the life of me I cannot make a good beef stock so I might just give them to my mom. Hubs should be done with work for the year by the beginning of October and we did plan on traveling, but who the heck knows what things will be like by then.


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          Talking about toiletpaper. During the lockdown last year my local grocery store brought in toilet paper that they sell in Mexico. I guess they couldn't get the usual brands from the suppliers. OMG, You talk about thin , very thin toilet paper , you could look right through it. Thankfully I only got 2 12 pcks of the crap. I still have some left, I am forcing myself to use up what I have left, but it is a pain in the " you know what".
          If the mexican people like that kind of toilet paper I feel sorry for them.
          Now , I know you are asking how I knew it came from Mexico, well, because every single word on the package was in spanish ! The store doesn't usually sell that kind of paper. Pathetic. And I asked the store manager and told him what I thought of it.


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            I think I’ve used some of that thin TP Sabine. Years ago I had to go to the Hughes Aircraft facility in Mexicali (Baja) and that was the worst toilet paper I’ve ever seen! Weird thing I noticed is they don’t flush the paper, it goes in a trash receptacle. Yuck!!

            We’ve got some sea breeze and the skies are quite a bit clearer today, thank goodness! We could actually see some of the Cascades this morning. I ordered 2 big shadow boxes from Michael’s and we went to pick them up earlier. One is going to be filled with our old motorcycle ride pins, badges and patches, the other is going to have my old matchbook collection. We’ll hang them in the room that has all our trophies in it.

            I’m going to make calamari steaks in a creamy piccata sauce and I’m making some zucchini zoodles on the spiralizer and I’ll sauté those in some garlic butter.


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              " I think I’ve used some of that thin TP Sabine. Years ago I had to go to the Hughes Aircraft facility in Mexicali (Baja) and that was the worst toilet paper I’ve ever seen! Weird thing I noticed is they don’t flush the paper, it goes in a trash receptacle. Yuck!! "

              I didn't know that, but I am not surprised. Judging by what I see walking around the stores here in SA sometimes, personal hygiene is not on top of the list for Mexican people. Sad ,but true.