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August 25th Dinner Post

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  • August 25th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be another HHH day with the high of 91 and the low of 72 with a good chance of more rain and higher humidity.

    Dinner will be leftovers of choice and lots of fruit.

    What will be your dinner?
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    I finished crocheting the baby blanket that Andrew asked me to make for one of his teachers... just need to sew in all the ends and decide on what border I will crochet around the edge. I'll have it ready for a courier by Friday. It looks nice... not too fussy for a boy and sweet for a little girl.

    Now I'm spending a lot of time unpicking the hems of five pairs of Immy's school pants. At 6 years old, her school pants are a size 4 and fit perfectly around her waist and bottom. Problem is that they are too short. The hems will only give her an extra scant inch but it will be enough for the time being. Next step will be to add ribtrim around the ankles to give her another 2". Like most people who sew a lot, I hate unpicking.

    Dinner tonight was the same for both of us (doesn't happen often)... sausages, 'fried' in the airfryer with mashed sweet potato and peas.

    I'm about to make my late supper of hot chocolate shake and a strawberry Poptart.
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      I have all three grandkids until Friday morning. I planned on grilling burgers but they wear me out so we got Kenny Kings. I did make cupcakes though. Tried a Tik Tok frosting hack to make canned frosting taste better. You whip the life out of a can of frosting, 2 sticks of butter and a tad of heavy cream. You know what? It still tasted like arse! Oh well, at least its out of my cupboard and the kids think its awesome.


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        It’s been nice today and now the clouds are rolling in and cooling it off considerably. We’ve been busy, I did some grocery shopping, Ken assembled the 6 foot storage cabinet we ordered and we’ve been rearranging some of our framed pictures. I think we’re actually running out of wall space!

        I’m making a Polish dinner tonight. Kotlety Wolowe Siekane (Polish Ground Beef Cutlets), some Surówka salad (Sauerkraut, Apple, carrot, onion) and some pierogi.