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August 26th Dinner Post

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  • August 26th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    The HHH weather continues with the high of 89 and the low of 72. The ambulance has been making steady runs past as people are outside working and are getting overheated and dehydrated. A road crew just down from me has coolers full of cold water and 2 of them passed out. The sun is just plain making the air a blast furnace along with the humidity and heat.

    Around 11 last night I baked a large tray of chicken so I can use it in a salad, pasta salad, BBQ chicken or what ever we want. I have made a Waldorf salad this morning for dinner tonight and will have subs using the chicken, garden tomatoes, banana peppers along whatever looks good from the fridge. Peaches will finish the meal.

    What will be your dinner?
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    I am thinking hot dogs and hamburgers for the kiddos.


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      Didn't do much today although I did finish unpicking the hems of Immy's school pants. I'll get the machine out tomorrow and rehem them. School is still cancelled but they will be ready for when she returns.

      Finished sewing in the ends on the baby blanket I'm making... just the edging to go.

      I'm slowly but surely getting back to activities that I did pre-COVID, except for still being in lockdown. We do get to go out tomorrow... over to our shopping centre for John to get his eyes tested... so exciting! *LOL*

      Dinner tonight was: John had a burger; I had two crumpets grilled in the oven and topped with ham, tomato, onion and cheese.

      Still enjoying the Paralympics on TV, and watching the live feed from the ISS.
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        It’s been cool and cloudy today, never even got to 70. I’ve been rearranging my cookware cabinets, moved some little used big items to the new storage cabinet we got recently and put some stuff on Next Door for free porch pick up. Ken did some tree trimming and weed chopping in the back yard. We’re going to need to call a tree service before long, our trees are really overgrown and tall.

        I’m trying out a recipe for Pizza Bombs tonight. It’s basically biscuit dough wrapped around sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella cheese and they have garlic Parmesan butter brushed on them and baked. We’ll have some salad too.