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September 31st Dinner Post

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  • September 31st Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    By early evening yesterday I had the weed eater and was out using it thinking what a welcome relief it was without that horrid humidity. People were out walking yesterday, the neighbor kids were at the house next door playing football and hearing them laughing and having so much fun was wonderful hearing after days of quiet.

    It will be a high of 79 and the low of 63.

    Dinner will be hamburgers, oven baked sweet potato fries and the last of the applesauce from the freezer.

    What will you be having for your evening meal?
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    We had a slightly warmer day... didn't put the heating on until 9pm.

    We saw Immy playing outside and were surprised that she's mastered riding her 2-wheeler bike without training wheels. There'll be no stopping her now. Tiff sent me a video of her riding... she's so proud of herself.

    We are in lockdown for at least another two weeks. I'm tempted to stop listening to the news and just wait for someone to tell me that we can leave our property at will.

    I finished the baby blanket I was making and am now hurriedly knitting a larger jacket for Hannah to send in the parcel. I'd like to get one away so she can try it on and then I can go ahead and make her a dozen or so.

    We received our groceries this afternoon but I haven't unpacked it all yet. For dinner John had a burger and I had some noodles and then we both had some watermelon.
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      September 31 ?? No, not yet........


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        I scrubbed grout today, the fun life I lead.Just sandwiches tonight and chips.


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          Another month GONE! Doesn’t seem possible at all. It’s been cool and very pleasant all day. I spent some time reorganizing one of my kitchen cupboards and sorted through my printed copies of recipes. That’s a chore! Not much else going on today.

          I’m trying out a recipe for an Italian seasoned meatball, vegetable and pasta soup and we’ll have garlic bread with it. I’ll post the recipe after dinner if we like it.