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September 12th Dinner Post

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  • September 12th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be become a HHH day with the high of 87 and the low of 68.

    DGS is making tacos tonight and we will have watermelon also.

    What will you be having?
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    I have one of those fancy pants litter robots for my cats after my daughter said how much she loved hers. Once a year I like to take it apart and scrub it out so I got that done this morning. Sprayed it with an enzyme cleaner and just waiting for it to dry out to put it back together. I live such an exciting life.

    I packed up all the pork butt and got that put in the freezer. Looking through the fridge I have some peppers to use up so chicken fajitas sound good.


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      I've just been doing little bits of housework... nothing exciting. Doing some more work on a third jacket for Hannah. Still in lockdown. Not much changes around here lately.

      Dinner: John asked for scrambled eggs on toast. Cooked a piece of corned beef tonight so it will be cold enough tomorrow to put through the electric slicer.

      I made myself an amazing salad but I could only eat half of it. I'll have the other half tomorrow. It has cos lettuce, cucumber, celery, avocado, onion, chicken and the last few drops of my catalina dressing. I'll make another batch in the thermomix tomorrow.
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        That’s a great looking salad Chayote!

        It’s been cool and cloudy with light mist all day. We did get some rain last night. We had kind of a disaster last night...Ken was moving the riding mower off the slab by our back porch and it threw a rock at our sliding glass door that hit like a gunshot. I’m really glad that door is double paned glass because it completely shattered the outer pane. What a mess! You could hear it cracking for at least 30 minutes. We got it all out of the frame and channel with our big Shop Vac and we’ll be looking for a replacement starting tomorrow. We’re very glad it didn’t damage the inner pane! We’ve been getting stuff out of the storage shed, some good, some trash and I spread weed and feed all over the front lawn and finished the laundry.

        I’m trying out a recipe for Greek Chicken and Orzo from the Mediterranean Dish recipe site on Facebook. We’ll have some salad with it.