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September 20th Dinner Post

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  • September 20th Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It will be a HHH day with the high of 86 and the low of 68.

    A cobb salad will be dinner along with garlic bread and chocolate pudding.

    What will be your dinner?
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    I got a nice piece of veal so I am thinking Weiner schnitzel for dinner. I have corn on the cob to use up and some pineapple.


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      Quiet all day... nothing much happening. We both slept late so breakfast became lunch. Another new Lego project was delivered but we've been keeping them for after we are in our new house. John will have a dedicated Lego room. We can hardly wait. I think we have about 12 new boxed sets and a large world map in Lego to hang on the wall.

      Dinner: John had leftovers consisting of two sausages, some bacon, mashed potato, peas and I added an egg. I had a bowl of chicken and corn soup and a buttered roll. For supper I'm planning a hot chocolate milkshake and two strawberry pop tarts. I noticed that our supermarket has a new flavour of Pop Tarts... Frosted Cookies & Crème. They are half price next week and I've ordered one packet of those and two packets of strawberry. I only buy them when they are half price... $5 a packet just seems like a lot whereas $2.50 is not bad.

      John is having an apple right now. I ordered one of each variety of apple last week and he has to choose which is his favourite so we can plant whatever he chooses at the new house. So far he's rejected 4 varieties and I just told him that he might be running out of option...
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        It's taco night here I think.


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          It’s a beautiful and sunny day today, doors open and lots of fresh air and the temperature is about 67°. Nice! Not a lot happening today, just the usual dusting and tidying. We’re looking forward to some of our favorite shows finally starting up this week, the stupid game shows and Bachelor/Bachelorette etc. ad nauseum are really annoying. No wonder streaming TV is so popular!

          I’m finally trying a recipe I found a couple of years ago for pressure cooker Sicilian Style Meat Sauce (made with country style boneless pork ribs) and I’m going to serve it over gnocchi and have salad with it, maybe some garlic bread, maybe not. I’ll post it later if it turns out good.