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September 23rd Dinner Post

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  • September 23rd Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    Wow, what a storm we had yesterday afternoon and the lightening was wicked. It has broken the warmer weather with a cold front and it is a very chilly and cloudy morning with a a good breeze. The high of 54 and the low of 49 with a chance of rain.

    It will be potato soup, corn bread and baked apples per DGS's request. He does all the chopping for the soup and I do the cornbread and baked apples. I think I have the easier part but he likes chopping so it is a win win.

    What will be your dinner this evening?
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    No more excitement today… we are back to a COVID normal life. Reports of damage from the earthquake is coming in from all over the State. We did go out for a change. We had our podiatrist appointments, picked up my order from Bunnings (hardware and gardening) for tomato plants, zucchini plants and snail bait. Gordon liked to keep his garden organic and encouraged me to do the same. What he can’t see can’t hurt him. I’m tired of snails lunching on my new seedlings. I’ll plant them in the garden tomorrow.

    I’m baking bread as I write… we need it for breakfast tomorrow. I thought that tomorrow I might make some plaited bread rolls just for fun.

    Dinner tonight was takeaway crunchy chicken from Red Rooster. I think they’ve decided to keep it on the menu and recently KFC added an almost identical meal so they must be missing out on business.
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      Happy Thursday! It is an absolutely beautiful day today, mid to high 60’s and beautiful and clear. We went down to Arlington Costco to get some more of the flannel shirts that we bought yesterday. They’re made by Orvis, really nice, double pockets and hand warmer pockets too. They were $17.99 at Costco and I looked on the Orvis website and their flannel shirts start at $89.99. I don’t think so! Other than that, not much happening.

      I’m making our old favorite baked fish with tomatoes and olives and we’ll have brown rice and quinoa with it and some salad.


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        I turned on the fireplace it was so chilly today. Made spaghetti in the instant pot for dinner. My daughter said we needed a lunch date with homemade macaroni salad so I made a batch and she is coming over tomorrow. I might grill some burgers with that, or subs sound kind of good too.


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          Rainy and 55 degrees here. I made meatballs with mushroom soup in the crockpot to have with egg noodles. Cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden. We won’t get many more of those.