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October 1st Dinner Post

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  • October 1st Dinner Post

    Good Morning!

    It is another beautiful day today that I am making good use of. I started a couple days ago putting my outside decorations away and pulling up the garden and flower boxes. I don't like doing it as everything looks empty and bare where my flowers were along with other items. The neighbor children begged me that I should leave my windchimes and wind spinners up all winter but in the end were troopers helping me. If not today then tomorrow I should be done. The high of 72 and the low of 50 makes it perfect weather for outside work.

    Dinner will be leftover soup for me as I am solo tonight.

    What will you be having?
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    We move over to daylight savings time this weekend. We miss an hour of sleep. I would love to just leave our clocks as they are and keep living to the schedule we keep. Unfortunately that doesn't suit other people.

    Dinner tonight: John had battered Hoki fillets with mashed potato and peas. For myself I made a tuna salad that I last prepared about four years ago. It's a combination of cooked spiral noodles, tinned tuna, diced celery, cucumber and onion and mixed through a good helping of Catalina dressing. I garnished it with my favourite pea shoots. I enjoyed it very much and there's enough for two more meals.

    We are eating well on this 8th day of the freezer blitz.
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      I feel sorry for the kids if they have nothing else to do / play with other then listening to windchimes , that's sad. Don't they go to school ?


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        I ran errands all day yesterday so my bean soup never got made and of course I forgot to soak the beans last night so its not happening today either. I am making a ravioli bake with a salad.


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          At the rate I am moving dinner will be slim. I went out earlier today with my neighbor to our Cracker Barrel. Now I don’t have an appetite so dinner will be something very light. Probably a yogurt if I get hungry.


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            It’s been a spectacularly beautiful day today, clear, bright and temperatures in the low 60’s. Our nights are getting quite cool and we switched to the regular flannel sheets today. Another month or so and we’ll switch to the polar fleece sheets. I did a quick grocery run, got my COVID booster shot and picked up Abby’s insulin at the vet’s office. Not much else happening today.

            We’re having rotisserie chicken thighs and drumsticks, Beecher’s macaroni and cheese and broccoflower.