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  • Genealogy

    If anyone here knows their ancestors came from Northern Moravia or Southern Moravia and would like their family trees expanded on, I'm willing to help with that. I just love doing this and I'm out of people to do. LOL I actually went into my yearbook and found names that I'd seen in the Moravian Parish books and did their trees and traced some of them back to my hometown. that was so cool!

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    WOW that sounds amazing!!! My MIL did a lot of that with her family. Fascinating. No one from Monrovia around here. At least not that I know of


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      I'm not goign to ask anyone their names. you can go here:

      Make a free account and type in the names and see if there is a tree and where it takes you. There are no living persons visible, but if you know you grandparent's names and where they came from, there might be a tree on there


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        I don't Allie but then you might just not know. Thanks, that sounds like it would be fun and interesting. Maybe even a nice surprise.
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          Lots of surprises. I found my husband is 3rd cousins to someone I went to school with. Let me see if I can say this right. My husbands great grandmother, was a sister to my friends great grandfather. And then, I found my HS principle's family and traced it back to him. Both of them had girls in my class and were good friends of mine.